Japanese Geisha and Maiko stuff

Beautiful items and pictures related to japanese Geisha culture. Most of the items I have written an explaantion on, since the title doesnt always say what the items are. Enjoy ^^
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Wrote one month ago
LOVELY collection!!! Thank you for sharing ✩ヽ(´ー`)ノ .

Wrote one month ago

Wrote two months ago
@primadonna27 ok :) & you're welcome :) +whenever you make you a instagram page don't forget to add me ^^

Wrote two months ago
@blingbling I dont have instagram sadly, but thank you anyway ^_^

Wrote two months ago
@primadonna27 awesome me too :3 & I always wanted to go to Japan :) + I have an Instagram so follow me & I'll follow back ^^
gypsybling7 <-- here's my instagram username

Wrote two months ago
@blingbling oh yes, with a passion :D

Wrote two months ago
@primadonna27 you like geisha/japanese stuff

Wrote three months ago
It's ok Sweetie I don't mind at all if you're a Geisha Geek!! Lol XX

Wrote three months ago
@sanlebru Aaw, blush ^_^ Geisha and anything kawaii and japanese (asian in general) has always fascinated me, I love the kimonos and their dancing and... everything really :D I've tried to collect as many relevant items as possible, all my friends know me as quite a geisha-geek ^^ I'm glad you like it <3

Wrote three months ago
OMGosh, how could you do this to me?? You and I really do have the same obsession!! I really want to click on every one but you and both know we'll never get each set made to perfection with each piece we need. So I am trying to choose wisely but it is really tough. These are totally fabulous my Darling and I wish we could both travel together to Asia and see all of the fabulous places. I told you we went to China because that was my main obsession (and believe me 2 wks wasn't even enough) and I know yours is Japanese but believe me these are just the Bomb! Thank you so much for making this collection and for sharing it with us. I am in awe!! ; D XOXOXOXO


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