Jared Chase Breeza

.full name; Jared Chase Breeza
age; 18
date of birth; 8/28
place of birth/hometown; Liverpool,UK
troubled or not; yes
species (human, vampire, demon, witch, werewolf, fairy); Human
appearance; He has long black hair that covers his blue eyes he is skin and bone no matter how muchhe eats. he is 5.9 feet
personality; shy, bashful, a bad liar, kind,gentle and secret
likes; baseball, music,hats, tv, and pranks
dislikes; sluts, being alone, and blood
secret; he saw Skylar kill the teacher and her parents but forgot what she looked like.
family;His mother Janet-30
biography; he grew up going to the same school with Skylar, he saw the killing she did and was tramatized by it forget what she looked like and hates the sight of blood. He was in years of help from doctors when he went mute,but he talks now. He became best friends with Skylar unknowing of who she was and what she did.

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