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  • 20 Creative DIY Christmas Ornament Ideas
    No other holidays have such a magical and joyous preparation period as Christmas, as the whole month of Advent is dedicated to get into the Christmas spirit and be merry. Truth be told, holidays will only be as festive as you make them - so don't wait for the Christmas spirit to manifest itself, start creating it! We've already shared a collection of DIY Christmas tree ideas, so now it's time to create some DIY Christmas ornaments for it. Check out the images that inspired us, and get creative!
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  • 15 Cute French Braid Hairstyles Daily Makeover
    Copy these adorable French braid hairstyles this summer.
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  • New "Insurgent" Movie Posters + Trailer Released!
    Insurgent Trailer--A new trailer for the Divergent movie series' sequel “Insurgent” has been revealed. Tris (Shailene Woodley) and Four (Theo James) play f
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  • Holiday Nail Art Text
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  • Boys’ Room Designs Ideas Inspiration
    As fads come and go and little boys become big boys, this collection of boys room ideas would help setting up your kids room.
  • Snowy Photography to Set Your Christmas Spirit
    It is nearly that time of the year and it just can’t arrive too soon. Who doesn’t love the magical joy of Christmas time? Christmas brings with it a season festivities and celebration that will set even the grumpiest grinch all tuned into the holiday spirit. This post is a special feature dedicated to this joyous and magical time of the year. In doing so, we will be sharing with you a collection of a few snowy and wintery photographs that remind us of the magic that Christmas brings with it, along with that special winter chill and beauty that only occurs during this one time of the year – a time we all anxiously look forward to arriving. Snow, Winter, Christmas trees, Christmas tree ornaments and angels, the family snowman, snow angels, eggnog, Christmas socks, candy canes, Santa Claus and his little elves and reindeer and big fat sack of goodies and presents – we could go on and on but that would take a lot longer that this Christmas post could allow us. These are all just a few
  • EXCLUSIVE We Went to the Jack and Jack Movie Premiere!
    Jack Gilinksy and Jack Johnson, a.k.a. Jack and Jack, personally invited Tiger Beat for the exclusive premiere screening of their film Jack and Jack: The Movie! How could we say no to these hilarious hotties? But we didn’t just see the movie (Don’t worry. We won’t give away any spoilers!). We also caught up with the BFF duo PLUS a few of their famous friends! YouTubers, Viners and Internet celebs, oh my! The theater was crawling with vloggers, gabbing, taking selfies, and laughing to the point of tears! (Okay, maybe not that far, but there was A LOT of laughter. What else would you expect in a room with Carter Reynolds and Cameron Dallas?) We had the wildest conversations with this creative bunch. Nash Grier dished some juicy secrets about Jack and Jack, Andrea Russett dramatically spoke some lyrics from Jessie J, Ariana Grande, and Nicki Minaj’s song “Bang Bang,” AND Trevor Moran twerked for us! LOL! We finally had the chance to talk to the guests of honor, Jack and Jack, and t