Jax Teller hadn't told Ali Allen where he was taking her on a date too, he had simply said I'll be there at six. If he had been honest with himself Jax didn't know where he was taking her either. 

He pulled up to her house that sat beside his mom Gemma's place, he had grown up with Ali, she had been gone off to college and then lived in Africa doing Doctors without boarders. When she showed up a few months ago she had turned into this beautiful woman.

Ali's father worked at the Auto Shop along side him when he was working and not doing club business. He had surprised himself when he had asked her father Joe if he could ask her out. With a blessing he showed up at St. Thomas was some flowers. It was an immediate yes because he brought her sunflowers her favorite.

Ali opened the door biting her lip, she didn't think that Jax would show up on his bike so she looked down at her outfit and back at him. She invited him into the house as she ran back upstairs as fast as her heel clad feet could take her there safety.

Mrs. Allen or Marry greeted Jax with a smile and told him that Marilyn wouldn't be long she was pretty fast when it came to getting dressed. He nodded and gave his famous smile. He sat on the couch silently, he was sort of bummed she had run to get changed, that dress had looked amazing on her. 

Like Marry had said Ali was back down the stairs in a pair of what looked like to be some sort of converse along with that she was now in lace top and black jeans so not way different from her outfit before. She held a jacket in her hand along with her purse.

Ali said her goodbyes to her mother as Jax guided her out her family front door and she smiled at Jax who smiled back at her. For the first time since Tara, Jax actually felt a flutter in his stomach as he helped her into her jacket, her light touches of her somewhat soft skins made him blush in the neck area. 

He was sure he grew redder right after she laid a feather soft kiss on his cheek saying she was ready to go. For the first time ever Jax was nervous for his first date with someone.
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