*3 weeks pass* (3 more days till july) *

I walk down stairs to see my mom and dad making out on the couch ...ewh. 
I cough awkwardly...
J: Oh my, haha Hi daddy.
M: Are you wearing a long sleeve? It is mid-summer?
J: I've been cold lately..
M: Are you sick, do I need to make a appointment?
J: Hah, no mom you know me, I'm a trooper.
D: Or a drammaaa queeen. 
J: Love you too Dad! 
Little do they know I walk into the kitchen and grab a banana and walk back upstairs. When I get up there I go straight to the bathroom and flush it down the toilet , there is no way I'm eating that thing. I just gotta make it look like I eat, I'm getting really good at that. It has been 2 weeks since I ate and I haven't ate more than 500 cals since. 

My starting weight: 125
My weight now:122
 Only three pounds but it will keep going down I mean I've been working out too so my weight wont drop that much. But it will, oh baby it will.

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