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*your pov* 
It was a Monday. I hate Mondays. There was nothing good about them. 
The bell had rung signaling me that school was over. I quickly grabbed my penny board and started riding it out into the streets after I got stuff out of my locker. I made my way over to a close Taco Bell since I was hungry and I needed lunch because I was hungry. 
*in taco bell* 
I quickly ordered my favorite meal to order from Taco Bell and went on my phone to wait for my meal. I went on my phone for a while and that's when they called me over to pick up my meal that I ordered a couple minutes ago. I went to get my tray and I turned around. That's when I bumped into a body. 
It was pretty buff so I assumed it was a male. It caught me so off guard that I fell on my bottom so I ended up spilling my food on top of my clothes. I gasped and looked up from my clothes up to the jerk that- 
So nothing much to say here. 
Other than the guy standing in front of me was incredibly hot. 
He wore a SnapBack. Already like him. 
He wore skinny jeans, a plain blue Tshirt, and black vans. Even more attractive. 
His smile. 'Oh lord.' I thought to myself. 
This boy. He wasn't just hot. I mean it. He was insanely beautiful. His chubby cheeks perfectly indented dimples in his face. His dark eyes were sparkling. His dark tousled hair looked amazing. 
He then spoke. "Hey I'm so sorry about that. Are you ok?" It seemed like he wanted to laugh.. I didn't want him to. Not because it would embarrass me, but because i might come undone. 
'Quick Cynthia' I thought to myself as I just sit there, gazing up at him like some idiot. 'Just take his hand already! Unfreeze. Don't stammer. Don't drool. It's not attractive' 
"Um no it's cool. I should've watched where I was going. I didn't see you there. I'm sorry." I said while he hauled me up. But our hands, I don't mean to sound cheesy or anything, but when they touched, I felt butterflies in my stomach and electricity from his tough. 
Wait. What the hell is wrong with me. I barely met this guy. I know nothing about him. 
"Well, this is no way to treat a nice looking girl like you so let me show you how she should me treated." The boy told me with a wink. Oh god. He then yelled out,"Hey James! Come clean this mess up for me please!" He then saw the confused look on my face and said,"James is an old friend of mine. So don't worry about that." He made his dimples appear. 
I flushed and was about to ask...James if I could get another meal since he was cleaning it up on the floor. But suddenly the boy spoke before me saying,"And hey James, can you get...what's your name?" He asked me with a grin. 
"Cynthia." I told him 
"Well, then James, can you get Cynthia a free meal for me please. I accidentally dropped hers." 
"Alright sure." James smiled at me as he finished up cleaning the mess. 
They boy then took my hand and led me to a table. He opened up a chair for me and I sat in it while thanking him. He was such a gentleman. Or is he just repaying me from dumping my good on me? 
"Well, Cynthia, my name is Jc. It's really nice to meet you." 
We then began exchanging other information. Not the deep stuff though...just things like our favorite color or hobby. 
We had things in common. Like we both liked Taco Bell. We both like to ride our penny boards. We were the same age. Same grade. He told me he would be going to my school starting tomorrow. That got me excited because I was going to show him around. And also of course, Lots of other things too. 
I finished eating my meal with him and sadness rushed over me because I still wanted to talk to him. To be with him. 
I pretended to act casual and I was telling him goodbye when I started to skateboard down the street and I heard him yell out my name and I braked. I turned around and I saw him running towards me. 
*jc's pov* 
She was starting to skate away when I muttered to myself 'screw it' and called out her name. I then ran towards her. 
I liked this girl. She is my type. She's humorous. Smart. Honest. Nice. Beautiful... 
I then blurted,"Listen. I don't want to be friends." I saw her face drop but she tried hiding it by acting confused rather than hurt. 
"Why?" She managed to choke out. 
"Because", I started to say,"I really like you Cynthia. A lot." 
I then leaned in and kissed her. After about five seconds, I thought she would slap me, but we pulled apart and she looked straight into my eyes as I cupped her cheeks in my hands. 
"That's it Cynthia. That's all I have to say." 
"Well then, I guess I have to say the same thing." That caught me off guard. Especially when our lips returned to touch again. 
Damn. I am one lucky guy. 
*your pov* 
We then rode together in the streets because Jc said he wanted to drop me off home. We were at my front porch and Jc gave me his number. We kissed goodbye (a few times). 
I was excited for school tomorrow. This never happened. Especially when a boy is the reason. Well, I guess that this was the best Monday ever. 

Hope you liked it..? Ahah I felt like that sucked.. But oh well... Lemme know if you want another one by a different theme or something. d:
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