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I always struggle to feel connected to almost everything, I just drift off into my mind, daydreams, music, boys I love but i'm too shy to talk to… I'm far happier in my mind, but it's no good, not really, to dream is not to touch or to feel, just to imagine. I want lips to kiss, arms to snuggle in, oh it's cold out there, I'm lost in my mind but long for something real.


For months I've been new to a place that doesn't feel like home, a city that is large and exciting, which is wonderful to most, but still I long for my home, I gave up all my old dreams when I came here, it's not like things were amazing before, that would be just be lying, but I felt like I belonged more than I ever have. I know that mostly everyone thinks i'm stupid for not be crazy excited over this place, but they don't understand I feel depressed and really not myself at all, I wish I was excited, I wish I didn't want to stay in bed all day and only be delighted by Starbucks…

Love Mimi - @popgoesthe
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