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At the time of gods and heroes, long ago, lived in the region of Mount Atlas a dreadful sisters, known by the name of Gorgons. The most terrible of them were called Medusa. Medusa's head instead of hair, snakes coming out alive. And when I saw Medusa face to face with a man, a dog, a living being, man and dog and living statues were instantly converted to piedra.Medusa was originally a beautiful maiden, "the jealous aspiration of many claimants' and priestess of the temple of Athena, but when she was raped by Poseidon, Athena, who was furious, transformed her beautiful hair into snakes and made her face so terrible that their very sight turned men to stone. In the story of Ovid, Perseus describes the punishment of Athena Medusa as fair and deserved. Therefore represents the Lujuria.Entonces jellyfish came Perseus, son of the god Jupiter. Perseus knew how dangerous were the eyes of Medusa, but it came very well prepared. It had a curved sword, filosísima, gift of the god Mercury, had a very strong shield, made of bronze, smooth as glass. And he was also flying solo wings every time he laid them on the heels.
He then flew away. But, instead of going against Medusa, it was something far away, without worrying about more than one thing: they never look at her face to face, not to see her in the eyes for any reason. And as was necessary to spy on all the time, used the bronze shield as a mirror, and he watched what she hacía.Medusa went back and forth, trying to scare Perseus shouted horrible things, and snakes in his head moved and hissed furiously. But I never got to see her directly Perseus. Tired at last, Medusa was falling asleep. His terrible eyes closed, and gradually fell asleep also their snakes. Then Perseus approached noiselessly, drew his sword and with one blow cut off his head. Throughout his life he remained the head of Medusa Perseus, who repeatedly helped him turn his enemies into stone (An example is when Perseus turns to stone the titan Atlas, who stood holding the sky) and then turned his head to Athena.
When he cut his head, neck sprang their offspring: the winged horse Pegasus and giant Chrysaor who later became the hero carrying the sword to kill dorada.Después Medusa, Perseus left the palace of the gorgonas.Esteno and Euryale , Medusa's immortal sisters, they sought, but without finding it, since the helmet made him invisible.

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Congrats on your win!

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amazing! <333

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8th place in group contest: ~ Heroes of Legends ~ Real or Fiction ~ Contest by Skorps

8th place in group contest: ~ Heroes of Legends ~ Real or Fiction ~ Contest by Skorps

139 sets from 41 members. Ended 4 years ago.
Helen of Troy and Prince Paris Sample.
Now this should be quite interesting, show me sets depicting `Legend Heroes` real ones or fictitious like Robin Hood, Helen of Troy, Spartan Warriors of Greece, Aphrodite, Venus, Medusa and hundreds more.
15 days - No Limit - New/Old sets- Art only.

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