#jemmastaketwo SCAVENGER HUNT

Hola! Hope you're all having a great sunday night!
This is my collection for jemma's second ever scavenger hunt!
Had lots of fun making the collection and i'm sure you all will as well so make sure you check it out here:
(couldn't upload a pic i took for 53 since my polyvore clipper hasn't been working for a while now. hope thats okay!)
✿ - ✿ - ✿ - ✿ - ✿ - ✿ - ✿ - ✿ - ✿ - ✿ - ✿ - ✿


Wrote 7 months ago
you're too kind xo @feels-like-snow-in-september

Wrote 7 months ago
yaas you got a picture of shelbs for your mirrored picture too! she's such a babe. and 24 yes haha. 30 is such a classic pic of young leo <3 and 32 yes indeed! and no worries about the clipper thing! all g :) LOVE this collection, janette! thanks for entering ily

Wrote 7 months ago
✿ So if you need me, just holler my name ✿

@alice-243 @shelbyvengeance @unsung-songs @chocolates-and-chanel @charcharr you put so much time into creating your sets and its so worth it because each and every one looks absolutely stunning!! huge poly inspo xxx @dawninq @thundxrstorms @melina-o-brien @yvng-aphrodite @sighbrows @theloveclubber @ivoryfawn @jorunnmadsen @angel-a-m @thelovatic @spacemode christina you’re amazing! we have some of the best conversations ever and you’ve always been super friendly and just a great pal so thankyou! you deserve so much in life x @fashionforlife0416 @luciamenesess @purplepersonlil @jessybae @shiori-897-274 @andrejae @shannon242 @nadiasxox nadia you were one of my first poly inspos, and to this day, you still are! you never fail to amaze me with the quality of your sets! stay rad x

Wrote 7 months ago
✿ I'll take on the world for you, better believe it ✿

@sarah-deslauriers @amandapanda1223 @hanashy @auroramay19 hey hey thanks for always being super awesome and liking/commenting on a lot of my sets! you seem like an awesome gal, and we should definitely talk more! X @peacegirl-586 @amymorgan1999 @vanessa1313 i love your style! and just your sets in general, they’re super funky! X @mia5056 @discxnnect-ed elisa you’re a total babe! your super easy to talk to, and we always end up fangirling over boybands and tbh, I love when we do! you also make these super awesome sets which is kinda cool? haha xx @darcymaee girl your sets are on point!! X @seasidevibes-xo @it-was-meant-to-be @sydnie8 @pineapples-2 @explorer-alyssa @tommoluv @dianefantasy @niyallsprincess you make these super fresh and original sets and they’re honestly stunning! pretty much one of you secret fans haha we should definitely talk sometime x @strangeviolet @fairhykid @black-roses-black-heart @hi-its-alyssa @pxre em we haven’t ever actually had a super lengthy convo before, but it’s all good im sure we’ll get there some day!! although when we do talk, it always brings a smile to my face haha have a nice day gorg x @ilikemykupcakes

Wrote 7 months ago
✿ I'll go to war for you, let them bring it ✿

@starit @sweaterweather13 @cmichelledumont @nancymalik @tazzibear @gamma-draconis @x-grace @morgan-stylessssssss @singalways161@nine-in-the-afternoon yann thanks for being such an incredible friend! we used to have like the most awesome conversations ever, I actually really miss them because you’re super easy to talk to and just loads of fun! talk to me sometime?? X @vegaslvghts @helloitsmechristine @le-rosie rosie you were one of my first inspos on polyvore! and no doubt, you still are! you’re super sweet and lovely and when polyvore finally decides to get emojis on here, we’re gonna party so soso hard! @deanprincesster @fotd97 @americanpicasso @jesycurves @enchantedcitylights @micypat @shatteredhopes @kalevineee @sirenethey hey, you always leave the nicest comments on my sets and you seem like youd be an awesome pal to have, we should defs talk more!! x @your-ames @theinfinitewallflower @katy-102

Wrote 7 months ago
✿ I got your back, like it's just you and me here ✿

@relephant we’ve only spoken a few times, and they weren’t very lengthy conversations, but you’re super nice and you make some really cool sets! @ffashioninspire thanks for always liking and commenting my sets and for being super lovely! @mode-222 @cinnamondonut @ladymia01318 @no-problema im actually in love with your sets, they’re all super gorgeous! @hengstler2013 @makayla-waggoner @itsjamiepop @heaven-above-you @zijadaahmetovic @silverly hey satay stick! haha you’re such an awesome friend, we actually have the best convos ever! and never fail to amaze me with your sets! @johnsmustache @luvonedirection4ever @originxl-ity your sets are rad and despite the fact we haven’t talked to each other in length, you seem super sweet! @talibird25 @alienbabs @mihsty we don’t really talk, but your sets are rad and you deserve a million followers! @quiet-before-the-storm @voodoodreamer @s-mokywhispers gurl you make some rad sets @lauraastyle @happyasianxx @charelahloy @are-you-with-me

Wrote 7 months ago
✿ When it gets real, just know that I'll be there ✿

@audrey-superman @feels-like-snow-in-september jemma you’re such an easy person to talk to, you’re super sweet, im in love with all of your sets, and to top it all off, you’re a huge inspoof mine which makes you wanting to be on my taglist so much more amazing! @platniu-m @sabbbb @lucky-1990 @diamond-flower @sophey-xo @amra-softic @pokadoll @molukelar @janicegraziaa @selmir @emen2609 @jenny007-281 @hujy we havent really spoken before, but your sets are rad and you deserve like a billion followers. thanks for also liking and commenting on all my sets! @harunialifa so honored that you want to be a part of my taglist, you have the most stunning sets ever! @flowersblood @thegiggleofacucumber girl you are incredible! i remember ever since I first got polyvore, ive looked up to your account and admired your creativity, and even to this day, I still do, so thankyou for being such a huge inspo! your actually the sweetest! @aimable @ljubicica988 @undici we haven’t really spoken before, but thanks for always being extremely sweet and commenting on all of my sets! @ildiko-olsa @asia-12 @audrey-5sos @angela-jiang without you, I would’ve never made a polyvore account so thanks for inspiring me to create one! you’re the best friend I could ever ask for, and you make some super rad sets! love you bae


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