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nicole "nico" scarione {21}
hometown: rio de janeiro, brazil
likes: the beach, partying , acting at movies, the hippie-chic style, california.
dislikes: paparazzi, boring events, unpleasant people, whiskey, silver jewerly.
bio: nico comes from one of the wealthiest families from rio de janeiro. ever since she was a little girl, her pictures were in all the tabloids saying that she was basically the cutest thing ever. when she grew up, she was already used with this kind of thing, but it bothered her the feeling that thee's always someone after you, watching all your steps. that's how she developed this desire for freedom, to do whatever she wants without having to explain for everyone later. however, she also had a crazy love for acting. she loved to watch old movies and was always the main actress of every play on her school. nico decided that she wanted that for a life, not to be another project of socialite which fate it is to marry an old man without any feeling. her parents didn't mind, nico's name would be everywhere anyway. but still, the girl wanted more. she wanted to be known for her talents, not for her last name. so, when she turned eighteen, she just packed all her stuff and runaway to los angeles to start her new life. she left everything behind, her family, all her friends, her former boyfriend, her status. at la everything went well to her, she soon got a place to live and a lot of jobs in movies and tv series appeared. yeah, everyone loves a bubbly girl after all. she spent the last three years there and it was amazing! but, one day she received a call from her mom, she told nico that her father was dead and asked her to come back, the family needed her. the girl was shocked at frist, she would be a cold bi.tch if she didn't go back home. so she did it, the little star of the scarione family is back in town. but soon she'll notice that nothing is like it was before, and her smile and happy-go-lucky way of be won't be of any help.
relationship status: single
model: behati prinsloo
taken by: nat /

Hi everyone, I'm Nicole, Nico for short. I used to live here in Rio a few years ago, but I think that now I don't know anybody else. haha. I recently lost a very important member of my family, which is the reason of why I came back. I'm still sad, it's impossible not to be, but I'm already over it. So, since I'm staying in here for a while, introduce yourselves. I'm sure we can have a great time together. (:
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