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Name:Jennette Isabelle Davenport
Age: 17
Model: Erin Heatherton
Hometown: Savannah Georgia 
Personality: smart, witty, kind, somewhat perky at times
Style: Girly 
Likes: {at least 7} the color pink, roses, purses, perfume, shopping, reading, studying
Dislikes: getting bad grades, rejection, the color black, drinking, doing drugs, cheaters, peas
Bio: {Or link to a descriptive character study.}Jennette is smarter than most seventeen year olds. She has always made good grades and balanced her social life. She wants to go to an Ivy League school and become a doctor like her mother. The only thing stopping her is her guilt about that night lately she has become depressed because of it. 
Secret: At her old school her and her friends tormented an unpopular girl sending her fake love letters from a boy she liked. When the boy found out the girl was so embarrassed she left the school. 
Family: {Include ages, a few sentences about them, and parent occupations.}
Mother Isabella Davenport, 40 years old well respected surgeon in Savannah
Father William Davenport 45 years old big time lawyer

Answer the following:
1. How do you feel about being part of St. Elizabeth?I like it so far. It’s a good place to be I think. 
2. How do you feel about Serena Diamandis? I’m not sure yet
3. Who are your idols? Audrey Hepburn, Janet Fitch, Emma Watson
4. What are your interests? I love to read anything and everything I can get a hold of. I love to shop as well.
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