hello guys
i am sorry for taking forever to make a set
i was such a twat. so i live in ny and where i live hurricane sandy was going to hit us. so me being the twat i was, i decided to make a set while hurricane sandy was going on thinking nothing would happen. halfway into the set, my power goes out. 

well other then me being the biggest c un t. have you guys been on twitter and crap. well directioners were wishing death on alex gaskarth. then they said mitch lucker deserved to die. 
first i am a fan of one direction and all time low. alex has the right to his own opinion, people can't jump down someone's throat every time they voice their opinion. yes his opinion was mean, but he is entitled to what he feels. then people said that he was the reason that his brother committed suicide. that literally made me sick to my stomach.
for whoever participated in the mitch lucker deserved to die because he was emo, fuc.k you, that is all i have to say to you. 

well i am done with rant. any book suggestions cause i only have internet occasionally when my brother brings home his hotspot from work so i need some reading material, or i will restart the harry potter series.

the most awkward thing happened to me on tumblr today. i was asking someone a question and it was a weird question and i forgot to hit anon. it was so bad.
follow if you have a tumblr, i always follow back c:
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