june | 15 | tuesday - we'll be making collages out of old magazines. bring any high fashion magazines to starbucks and we'll be sipping drinks while working away and having fun.

//the current state of jenny//
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 “So Aggie,” Serena said turning to Agnes. I wasn’t mad at her anymore, we were back to the stage when we just ignored each other and despised each other’s guts from afar. Right back to how I like it. “I was wondering if you would come to the party I’m having on the 18th.” 

 I practically spat out the coffee I was drinking right then and there but from a side look from Vanessa, I swallowed it instead. “Sure if you want me to,” she muttered, cutting out an image from a magazine.

 “Yeah you can come. So are you and Easy-,” S began to ask, asking the question most of us were thinking. Easy was with Callie and if Easy was cheating on her with Agnes well things wouldn’t be going down too well. 

 “No we are not with each other. He’s just a friend. I have no feelings for him,” she explained and I sighed a little out of relief. 

 “Okay, okay. I believe you,” Serena mumbled. 

 “Hey Jenny,” I heard Agnes say.

 “Mhm,” I muttered, pasting on a picture of a Fender guitar. 

 “I’m not a jerk, am I?” She asked and once again I had to swallow the sip of coffee I was having to prevent myself from spitting it all up.

 “Yeah you are. But a good one indeed,” I said with a smile and patted her on the back. She laughed and I returned to my collage. I felt my cell phone vibrate and I couldn’t help but smile a little bit when I saw it was Damien. Yep, things were definitely better.


stole the story from - taylor {aka agnes}
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