38/50 Jesse Spencer (I couldn't resist this song :D)
30 theme random challenge - 23. Opposite From Your Style
Although I find every item by itself gorgeous, I wouldn't wear this outfit! It's too bold for me! ;P

also, i was tagged by lovely .Marre http://www.polyvore.com/cgi/set?id=27311825 
Create any set and write 10 facts about yourself & tag 5 other people.
1. I'm a morning person (when I get enough sleep) :)
2. I enjoy silence just as much as I enjoy music
3. Cleaning relaxes me
4. I'm the youngest in the family 
5. I enjoy walking
6. I'm ticklish
7. My hands and feet are always cold
8. I don't get bored
9. I don't like to talk about myself 
10. With #9 in mind, writing these 10 facts took me 40 minutes (I can't believe it o.O)

Open tag (if anyone's willing to share, please do)!
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