Greetings! Jessica here! I'm here to give you a few basic tips on makeup/beauty looks for Valentines Day! You can dress and look however you want on Valentines Day! This tip is for the girls who can't decide what to do or who like to go all out!

♡ Foundation ♡
Don't apply much foundation, just enough to give your skin a warm glow. If your skin is oily, then use even less. Seeing as the more makeup you wear, the more caked on it looks.

♡ Blush ♡
Use a soft pink blusher on the apples of your cheeks and run it up your cheek bones. You can also use brozer but blush looks a big girlier.

♡ Eyeshadow ♡
If you want a daring sexy look, wear subtle eye makeup. Although the go-to colour is pink, avoid it because it can make your eyes look red and tired. If your eyes are green, use subtle tones of purple. If your eyes are blue, use gold and beige colours. If you have grey eyes, use cooler tones. Finally, if you have eyes that are hazel or brown, apply warm tones like brown or bronze.

♡ Eyeliner & Mascara ♡
If you don't want eyeliner, curl your lashes and apply mascara to your upper and lower lashes. Also, apply a dot of concealer, white eyeshadow or white eyeliner to the inner corners of your eyes. It will make you look more awake.

♡ Lipstick & Lipgloss ♡
If you want the sexy and daring look, use red, dark purple or even black lipstick, and coat it with shiny gloss. If you want the girly look then use coral or beige. Also, line them using lip liner in the same colour to create definition.

♡ Perfume & Nails ♡
Wear a floral or fruity perfume to get the happy feel of Valentines Day. For your nails, the go-to is a french manicure in white. But you can also do fun girly designs or simple colours.

I hope you all liked this! Reminder: You can dress and look however you want on Valentines Day! This tip is for the girls who can't decide and who like to go all out!

─ jessica || @jessicaluxcahill || #jessicastips ♡

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5th place in group contest: Valentine's Day! ♥

5th place in group contest: Valentine's Day! ♥

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DIYs, tips on how to get a valentine, anything really♥ Tips on how to spend your Valentines, or anything having to do with love and hearts♥♥♥
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