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I am here to say that Jesus Christ is ALIVE! He is real and He delivers us from all our bondage and from every sin. This is no act, this is serious business. Eternity is at stake and it is no longer time to play games with your soul. No time do be ashamed of the Lord! If you need deliverance, fast and pray! Read the Bible and seek the Lord's face, for in these last days if you do not have an intimate communion with Him you will not make it. Jesus is descending, His return to earth is getting closer each day. The devil and his minions are releasing their rage in extreme ways as the end is near. The pressure is manifesting all around the earth: a cloud of ashes over Europe, meteors falling over certain US States, Earthquakes all over the place... Read the signs. These are not just meteorological phenomenons, no, God is speaking and it's time we listen. This is a warning, a call to get serious people, what are you living for? Look around you. It will all be gone in ONE instant ! Build your life on Eternity! WAKE UP and Stop playing games. The Lord is calling many, but few will be elected. You don't turn to God 20%, you give Him your all! This is Not the time to be ashamed, no other DIED for our sins on the Cross. Only Jesus loved us and cared enough to leave His privileges, His glory and His status as King and Lord to be humiliated and then killed- For our horrible sins! 
Don't be ashamed to exalt the Name that is Above every name and He won't be ashamed of you before His Father and the angels on Judgment Day.

The Lord is seeking a mighty army of soldiers, fearless people who will take a stand for Eternity and fight to destroy the works of the devil and spread the Kingdom of GOD! 

Are you in? Get ready:
All glory to Jesus.
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