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  • Jetoy
  • Jetoy Lollipop Clutch
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    Jetoy Lollipop Clutch
    Jetoy Lollipop Clutch ...wait, who can resist a pretty kitty??! This adorbz lil lil pouch features a white kitten’s big beautiful eyes ‘n sweet face on the front with top zipper closure.
  • Jetoy Blue Rose Hair Tie
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    Jetoy Blue Rose Hair Tie
    Jetoy Blue Rose Hair Tie is gunna upgrade yer hairdo in the cutest way possible! This adorable hair tie features a stretchy band and a charm with a cutesy white kitty wearin’ blue roses printed on it~
  • Jetoy Jewelry Hair Tie
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    Jetoy Jewelry Hair Tie
    Jetoy Jewelry Hair Tie cuz yer lil eyes are like diamonds, bb~ This mega cute hair tie features an insanely adorable kitty face and comfy elastic band.
  • Jetoy Cat Face T-Shirt
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    Jetoy Cat Face T-Shirt
    Jetoy Cat Face T-Shirt we luvv yer cute lil purrs, bb~ This supa sweet tee features a smooth ‘N soft white construction, slouchy relaxed fit, scoop neckline, fluttery short sleeves, and an adorable kitty face graphic across the front with wondrous, gleaming eyes.
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