March 16th--

I let a huge sigh fly out through my mouth as I took the seat behind someone in a lacey shirt. "This should be fun..."i muttered under my breath and she turned around and glared at me.
I rolled my eyes as her preppy gaze landed on me and completely dismissed my being there.
Lights dimmed and our fashion education teacher came out to welcome everyone to the second night of fashion week at WestGate Academy. I had already missed the first day,and I wouldn't have minded missing this one...but,Adam was going to meet me and whatever it was about him, i wasn't even sure,but i know I dont want to miss a second with him.
The first student-designer was being introduced as Adam slid into the seat next to me, "Hey babe." he whispered in my ear,as a smile spread across my face. He smelt good,and a grateful-dead t-shirt lay under his coal colored suit jacket.
I laughed outloud as he kissed my neck, memories of our very first kiss just last week,things had moved fast between us,but it was rare for me to move slow.
"Shhh!" the preppy girl in front of us turned around and glared at us both evily.
I rolled my eyes,people like her were so annoying.
I slid my hand over onto Adam's leg and stretched out my feet to rest my heels on the back of her chair.
"What is your problem?" the girl turned around again,fire burning in her eyes.
"I dont have one biiitch." i told her smuggly, her face flooded with shock and a red glow began to spread over her cheeks.
"Excuse me?" she said slowly,her face now red and eyes narrowing more and more by the second.
"You heard me." i told her,.."or are you deaf?"
She was mad and getting madder by the second,but I didnt care this was the most fun I had,had since I came to this awful school.
"Listen to me you skank. I am Penelope VanderSon, and if you have a peoblem with me you're going to have a problem with this academy,and with the rest of your goddamnn life." her voice was hautty and her words should have felt like knives,
Adam was reaching for me,trying to pull me back as I stood up, i was oblivious to the fashion show surrounding me,and how people could hear us as our voices rose.
"I don't give a fuuuck about who you are and what you think you can do with my life."
She stood up to this time facing me.
"You will regret everything have done and said,"Her voice was slow and soft, the fashion show had stopped,all attention was on this chic and myself.. "Your life will be a living hellll,"she looked me up and down, "afterall that's where you belong."
She turned and stormed out of the performance hall.
Mouths were open all around where she had been,eyes were open wide...and all of them were on me.
I quickly sat down next to Adam and looked at him, he shrugged his shoulders,leaning over he softly whispered in my ear... "As sexy as that was,I hoppe you know what you just got yourself into..."
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