The pop culture image of Jezebel bears almost no resemblance to the woman who was queen of Israel in the 9th century BCE. There is nothing remotely sexy about Jezebel in the Bible; she’s just mean. By the same token, the biblical account was written by people who utterly loathed Jezebel and everything she stood for (Baal, Astarte, foreigners, uppity women), so it’s not exactly a balanced perspective. Can the real Queen Jezebel be recovered?
Probably not. It has been three thousand years, after all. We know that she was a princess of Phoenicia by birth; we know that her marriage to Ahab put her at the center of Israel’s wealthiest dynasty; and we think it’s possible that she served as a priestess of Astarte.


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Thing is, about Jezebel.... The main trait of Jezebel in the bible is that she doesn't worship god (seeing how she is not an Israelite), and that she had turned the Hebrew people away from the right faith and encouraged them to practice idolatry. (Even the book itself says they were practicing idolatry long before she showed up).
A lot of Jewish scholar consider the story of Jezebel as a cautionary tale about god's vengeance against foreigners who impose their false religion on the chosen people, as well as a story also meant to criticize the weak faith of the kings of Israel at the time (after all, Ahab was hardly the only Israelite king in the book that practiced idolatry) .
Christians scholars suggested that point of the story is to show the seduction and preemption of evil (Jezebel) on the true believer (Ahab and the people of Israel). The sexual aspect of the story grew from that theory - in a most catholic way.
That was probably the longest and most irrelevant comment in the history of Polyvore. Feel free to ignore it.

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