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@heartfinds sent me a darling gift set as part of a tag game set up (or at least continued...) by @justjules2332. It's my turn, so I'll try not to repeat anyone...But if you are reading this and I did not include you, take this as a gift from me anyway!! ;) @mrs-box, @gul07, @teoecar, @luvchildski, @emavera, @wambliwakan, @mariekc, @lifeisonlyapathfullofefforts, @lusy-lusy, @cosmonautical.

Hope everyone enjoys a safe and happy holiday season! Loads of love and laughs too. Pass it forward!! xox

1) If you get tagged or pmed with a set from the game, it is your turn to make a gift set for 10 other people. I can't just choose 10 people so you do what you want!! 
2) Make sure to tag/pm at least ten people the gift!
3) Copy the rules, to spread the game and gift giving as far as possible!
NOTE: Please, don't anyone feel required or pressured to play along. But know that I tagged you, really, just because you've made my year so full of life and pretty images that have made me genuinely happy.
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