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1. Which finger do you usually wear your rings on? I wear rings on the ring finger usually. 
2. Favorite book(s) of all time? "Love in the Time of Cholera" by G.G. Marquez.
3. Do you usually eat breakfast in the mornings? yes, of course :)
4. When do you get up on weekdays? Usually at like 8.30 a.m 
5. Favorite article of clothing and why? denim shirt. I've a lot of them and I love them all because they're really versatile.
6. Do you have thick or thin hair? Thick. 
7. Have you ever swallowed a coin? OMG noooo!
8. Do you believe in superstitions? no
9. How do you get to school? I'm not a student.
10. Favorite website? eheheh!
11. The key to happiness is...? To enjoy the little things, every day.

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