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[roleplay] I went shopping today with some of my friends from the studio; Lexi, Christine, Sally, Claire, Anne, Elle and Elle`s little sister. (Sorry if I forgot anybody...) Like always, we had a great time, and we took turns spoiling Elle`s little sister, who is fourteen. We were like a studio mafia, strolling down the street with all our shopping bags. Since I`m a cameraperson and not some big star, I`m not used to deal with paparazzi "Oh, no...Not again!" sighed Elle as we saw the people with big camera lenses trying to look like they just happened to hang around in the parking lot we were passing. We got a group of quite persistent paparazzi following us around, and they were moving in for close ups of my friends. I thought it would be fun to let them try their own medicine, so I started taking pictures of them, moving closer and closer like some mad stalker. This seemed to make then insecure, they might have thought I was on drugs or something. They didn`t leave us alone, but they moved a bit further away, so we got some space. "It must be so incredibly boring to hide in bushes and take pictures of girls in aviators with big bags." I said to my friends. "I`m so glad I have a real job!"
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