[roleplay] It was Elle Kings twentieth birthday, and I was in the taxi heading over to the party. Lately, Elle had been having trouble with her boyfriend, and I wanted to give her something that would help her remember that we, her friends, could be counted on no matter what. While I was editing some of the photographic material from our trip abroad, I had finally came up with an idea. I made a little album with some of the photos from the trip, and had some other friends and colleagues write little notes to her in it. Nat had simply written: "Chicks before d!cks xoxo Nat" and that had really cracked me up. I smiled, hoping Elle would like her surprise. I paid for the cab, got out and walked up to the house. I was surprised to see Elle`s broad smile when she met me in the hall, followed by Nat. Elle gave me a big hug and I caught Nats eye behind her. Her eyes were twinkling and her smile seemed very mysterious... I freed myself from Elle`s bear hug and said with a little laugh: "Good to see you both. Happy Birthday, sweetie! Now, would you please tell me what on earth is going on?"
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