[roleplay] Today, I went shopping with some of the girls from the studio. I didn`t really need anything special, but it`s always fun to go shopping. If you bring Sally Watts it`s even more fun, she`s not only a very nice girl, she`s also a stylist with an amazing fashion sense. Sally always knows what`s hot today as well as tomorrow, it`s almost like a super power or something. Elle was there too, and it was nice to see her in a good mood again. I got T-shirts for my nephews and a cool USB memory stick for myself, and after a while a group of us sat down and took a break in a coffee shop. 

Sitting by the table we started to update eachother about stuff that had happened to Studio people lately. Soon, there was some speculations about things we didn`t know for sure. Were Stephanie and Iain dating, or just good friends? I smiled. Let them talk, it`s just out of friendly interest. They`ll know soon enough if they just ask her. Then the conversation took an unexpected turn. 

People started to talk about Nat, and wheather or not she was pregnant. I frowned. "Where did you get an idea like that?" The girls started sharing the evidence; Her weight loss, her mood swings and the fact that she seemed more voulnerable, more protecting, more nurturing than before. Elle brushed them off. "You really shouldn`t spread rumours like that," she said, in a tone of voice that left no more room for debate. 

But after that I started thinking. Should I confront Nat with these rumours? Would she want to know? Should I ask Anne for advice, or perhaps Sophie? And I couldn`t help wondering, was this rumour true or not?
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