Job Interview

We can fantasize all we want, but the truth remains that life isn't all about glamour and outrageous expressions of the self.

Basically, for this contest I want you to submit sets of outfits that would be perfect for a job interview. The catch, however, is that the job interview can be for whatever job you can think of, from designer to lawyer.

The prizes, just as they were in the last contest:

1st place: 50 faves, link to profile in announcements, feature of 5 sets and interview on
2nd place: 40 faves, feature of 3 sets on
3rd place: 30 faves, feature of the winning set on
4th place: 20 faves
5th place: 10 faves.

Mkay darlings. Amaze me.

Created by lovecraft. Created in Elegance. 269 sets from 30 members. Ended 6 years ago.