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Job Interview {Glamour Edition}

yay! this set won 7th place in "watch the time"

I am a 35 year old woman, so I can definitely tell you what works for a job interview. Normally I'd go a bit more traditional than this outfit, but I'm imagining that I live in posh NYC & am applying for some cool design job ;-)

1. a jacket - here a crop sleeve, 1 button jacket
2. a feminine drape silk skirt, that has the cut of a pencil skirt
3. a professional cowl-neck shell under the jacket
4. ALWAYS WEAR A WATCH. it sounds random, but trust me, everyone uses their phones these days, but it looks very professional to wear a classic watch
5. a lovely tote (here, a birkin bag which i could NEVER afford!
6. pretty but "not too funky" necklace & earring - pearls are always good, drop earring, etc
7. the perfect shoe

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