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New contest in Korean Boys group ( - I Love You For...(part I)

1. I Love You For...your personality; pick your bias and make a set with him. In description write reason why you like him - this time it should be reason connected with his personality, behavior; not the way he looks:P
for example, I like T.O.P for his weird sense of humor []

2. Enter your set here:

I hope you will have a lot f fun making sets for this contest! 

So, I love guys for being animal lovers;

most of my biases likes animals, just like me:)

Kangnam or Taeyang [who used to be my bias for a very long time) are crazy about dogs.

I especially like when a boy likes small dogs; when he loves small dogs he is immediately more attractive to me:P

L.Joe - who is right now on the very top of my bias list - has two very lovely dogs []

and I can't control my feeling when I see photos like this: 
[I sleep exactly the same with my dog Batman!]

*L.Joe please marry me, and we will have beautiful dog-babies who will sleep with us*

BTW, those white dogs in the photo in my set are L.Joe's babies, and those legs used as pillow by dogs are his sexy legs:P
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