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1. Do you sleep with your closet doors open or closed? closed

2. Do you take the shampoos and conditioner bottles from hotel? no

3. Do you sleep with your sheets tucked in or out? out

4. Have you ever stolen a street sign before? no

5. Do you like to use post-it notes? no 

6. Do you cut out coupons but then never use them? no

7. Would you rather be attacked by a big bear or a swarm of a bees? big bear I think

8. Do you have freckles? no

9. Do you always smile for pictures? yes, I ususally use a "calm" smile)

10. What is your biggest pet peeve? rudeness and lack of culture 

11. Do you ever count your steps when you walk? yes, when I was a child

12. Do you ever dance even if theres no music playing? yes, sometimes when I`m alone

13. Do you chew your pens and pencils? yes, It`s a terrible habit

14. What is your Song of the week? Florence and The Machine - Shake It Out (Acoustic)

15. Is it okay for guys to wear pink? yes

16. Do you still watch cartoons? of course) I often watch it with my little brother and sister

17. What’s your least favourite movie? I don`t know. I don`t have one particular. but the last movie I saw that I didn`t like was "Funny Games"

18. What do you drink with dinner? tea

19. What is your favourite food? srimps, mussels, sushi and rolls, pizza

20. What movies could you watch over and over and still love? Pride & Prejudice, Little Princess, Disney cartoons, Bear`s kiss, films with Audrey Hepburn, Girl with a pearl earring, Little women

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