dubai. you know it's full of luxury and it's a playground for the rich. the hot rich chicks. the sexy rich guys. everyone has it all. but not everyone. there are people who have to work hard to make it to the top. not everything is handed to you on a silver platter. these are the girls who've got jobs to please the rich and famous of dubai. yes they've got jobs but they don't have to be rich and famous to have a little fun. but with fun comes drama. it's not just washing dishes and listening to your snob of a boss complain. their problems are bigger than daddy taking away your credit cards away. they have affairs with the rich married men, some don't have a house of their owns, and some just don't know where they're going with their lives. but they aren't any lower than the rich just because they don't own their own empire. they do have aspiratins and they do plan on making a better life for themselves. in a dog eat dog worl they're ready to bark and bite to make it to the top. maybe you'll end up with some gold or be alone and cold. well, welcome to the real world bitches.
  • It started with a whisper...
  • Style That Sweater with Old Navy
  • Who the cap fit...
  • Together we stand, divided we fall.

  • 06/1/2014 3:42 PM: Skin & Bones by Fit For A King
  • The king's crown assassin.
  • PNTM|Week 6|Lenora Mara|American Woman|
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  • A million suns
  • Across the universe
  • Beneath the sea
  • The lady is a vamp

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  • Summer Nights.
  • A Hint of Mint
  • Autumn Showers

  • Gangster Dork.
  • Search.
  • Strangers.
  • Piiiiiiiiink :D
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  • My shiny teeth and me...
  • How to Survive your first day of College
  • And I'm back

  • Fall 2013
  • Boys
  • I'm in the pink
  • Ash Greene Set 101

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  • Everything we do is LEGiT, babyy ♥
  • Everybody says we're through, I hope you haven't said it too♥-Crawl
  • Dancing is my life(:

  • And I don't wanna share, I want you all to myself right now. [LCH]
  • I need you closer, need you beside me, good love will find me. [CLV]
  • Love your man and love him twice, go to hollywood and pay the price. [LCH]
  • I have a long list of things to say, but I'll leave it at you amaze me. [CLV]

  • Only love can hurt like this
  • You bring out the mean in me, I bring out your insecurities. You know what I am talking bout
  • She's got two-tone everything. Moving but she just can't move
  • He's one in a million I don't know when I'll be seeing him again

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  • Amor
  • Elle
  • chic
  • W

  • hang on, love
  • strawberries and cream
  • Breath
  • Just a sandy dream away

  • Aesthetic: All Black Everything
  • She's a Beauty
  • from a long long time ago
  • beautiful but too dysfunctional

  • Heard you're trying to sell your soul baby, word on the street you're running low lately.
  • all my life, you stood by me, when no one else was ever behind me, all these lights, they can't blind me, with your love, nobody can drag me down
  • you got that james dean, day dream look in your eye, and i got that red lip classic thing that you like and when we go crashing down we come back every time cause we never go out of style
  • the rest of the world was black and white, but we were in screaming color

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