Join the Exclusive: Stardust Sanctuary

The exclusive Stardust Sanctuary is looking to accept new members. Writers, poets, and fashion prodigies. Are you up to the challenge?
*This is not a roleplay, do not be mistaken*
You can only join by application.
If you wish to be a part of the Sanctuary, you must be highly creative and have a distinct and exquisite taste in fashion.

The Sanctuary is exclusive to;
o The Whimsical Faeries
o The High Fashion Elites
o The Luxurious Vintage Dolls
o The Opulent Grunge Ones

The Sanctuary Entrance;
- Choose a category which you wish to belong to.
- Create a new set as a tryout application for Stardust Sanctuary. Tag me in the set stating which category you have chosen. The set's style should reflect your chosen category. If you really do not wish to create a new set, then tag me in an old set that best displays your style.

If you are accepted into the Sanctuary..

You are required to actively participate in the Sanctuary Selections (contests).

The Sanctuary Selections;
- I will tag all Stardust Sanctuary members in the preview contest set that I create. The preview contest set will feature a model/character and sometimes a story.
- In each Sanctuary Selection (contest), you are required to dress and style the model/character in the way you deem fit. You must have a caption. Depending per contest guidelines, it could be a poem, story or a quote. As creative as you can be.
Current contest guidelines:
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Three comments

Wrote one year ago
Gorgeous collection.

Wrote one year ago
thank you so much doll <3 @ohwow-queenbee

Wrote one year ago
This is absolutely lovely!


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