mystic falls, virgina has always been a quiet town. well, not always. during the civil war times it was a busy place, because the woods served a great place for soldiers to set camp. many of the sick and injured were either cured or killed here, but some died not because of a war injury but because of a vicious attack. some never saw it coming, others died seeing on the cold, white face of their killer. some, though, never really died at all, because they were turned. this is how the vampire race started in mystic falls. near the end of the war time, they burned all of the vampires in fells church, but a handful survived. those that did scattered, never to be seen again.
it's been over almost one hundred and fifty years since a vampire has been reported, but recently words of attacks have proliferated. police say to stay away from the woods, but you know teenagers, they can't ever do what they're told. maybe they'll be turned, maybe they'll be killed, or maybe, just maybe, their lives will be spared. either way, if you think new york is the city that never sleeps, you've obviously never been to mystic falls. 

please join! it's vampire diaries, and i know a lot of you guys love vd!
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