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Welcome to our 'Government's Children' assembly. As you know, We have this special meeting twice each year; right when you little kitties start the school year, and when you end the school year. Since this is our last day together," At this, everyone cheered obnoxiously. Miss Chandler, who hated being interrupter, rolled her stone cold gray eyes. "As I was saying, since it is our last day together this school year, I must recite the government's rules one last time." A groan erupted from the student body. "Rule #1: All government qualified adults must be working citizens. When a citizen of the United States of American turns twenty-five years of age, they must be separated from their children and wait until they are chosen for a career.Rule #2: All qualified adults will only see their children/child twice a year, on September first and June twenty third. No exceptions." At this, everyone became silent. "Rule #3: Over summer break, a group of children will be sent from their schools to summer camps around the US." After this, there was an unnerving silence. Nobody knew why they could never stay in homes like in Before instead of going to camps. Miss Chandler stirred awkwardly. "That is it. Now I will call up the camp groups for this summer." Best friends and siblings searched for each other's eyes, hoping to spend their summers together. But, the government picked the groups. It was all hushed up about how they pick and why. Sometimes, entire camp groups never return to school the next year. And their friends and teachers have to pretend they never existed. Since everybody says they forgot them, they are forgotten by society. Just like that, it was like the children never were. Just like that, children turn into the Invisibles. 
Write 1-5 paragraphs from your characters point of view after the assembly.If you want, you can create a collection about your character. How was your group last year? What do you want to happen this summer?
What do you think about your parents?
Did you know any Invisibles?
Are you excited for the summer camps to start?

IDEA:If you are picked to be in camp #512, you will RP about your time there. At the camp, there will be government training sessions. I will give more info about that later. Will government secrets be revealed? What will happen at camp #512?
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