In the middle of the night, little girls disappear. Sometimes, they return. Others don’t. The first girl to disappear went by the name of Alice Liddell, and she claimed to have seen strange things, things others can’t. Years have gone by, but Alice Liddell never forgot. Wonderland was still there, and she knew it.

Now, the fantastical land once known as Wonderland is on the brink of war. From all over, girls have been landing in Wonderland, whether lured there by its evil queen or by their own ingenuity. They come from all over, but now, they must band together to save this new and wondrous world. Because without them, Wonderland is nothing. It will collapse.

This world may seem like it’s all fun and games, but these chosen girls are about to learn that it’s anything but. Wonderland is not the dream it used to be.

It may just be your worst nightmare.

dress edited by satinee

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