Jokari 229477 Total Tea Infuser
  • Ateco Polycarbonate Pastry Tube 12-Piece Set
    Embellish home-baked treats in grand style with these large pastry tips, made of durable, easy-care polycarbonate. Ideal for topping cupcakes with generous swirls of buttercream, the tubes are essential for filling pastries, creating basket-weave coverage over large surfaces and decorating larger cakes. The set of 12 includes a range of essential tips for making festive borders, lettering, rosettes, lattices and more. Clear, durable polycarbonate tips can be used again and again. Large tips are ideal for outlining, writing, decorating and filling. Four round tips for writing, borders, zigzags, lattices, flower centers, dots and lace. Four large closed-star tips for making stars, zigzags, swirls, shells, ropes, puffs, rosettes, scrolls and fleur-de-lys. One large basket-weave tip for making smooth or ribbed stripes and basket-weave texture. One large rose tip for creating dramatic flowers. One large leaf tip for creating accents and borders. One large St.-Honoré tip for piping out choux pastry used to make a traditional St.-Honoré cake. For use with a large coupler (not included). Clear-topped plastic storage box included. Dishwasher safe when secured in a basket or mesh bag. Made by Ateco, producers of professional-quality pastry tools since 1905. Set of 12.
  • Lékué® TeaSquees
    Lekue is making healthy cooking delicious with easy solutions for busy cooks. Use a Lekue Teasqee to hold your tea bag without burning your fingers—just clip it to the side of your cup while your tea is steeping. Manufacturer: Lékué Material: Platinum silicone. Care: Dishwasher safe. Dimensions: 3" x 2" Warranty: Lékué offers a 10 year warranty for manufacturer’s defects, and will replace any item with the same or similar item, if the item fails during use. Warranty not effective for commercial use. Manufactured in Spain. Assembled in China. FEATURES When done steeping, pull bag into Teasqee and squeeze. You won’t leave any tea behind anymore. The 100% premium platinum silicone to withstand temperatures from -76°F–428°F
  • Fred Lemon Tea Citrus Tea Infuser
    Add some zest to your next cuppa with this fun tea infuser that’s shaped like a lemon wedge. Simply fill the silicone lemon with your favorite loose-leaf tea (ginger lemon would be appropriate), add to a glass of hot water and steep away. Infuser opens for easy filling and cleaning. Manufacturer: Fred. Material: Silicone. Care: Dishwasher safe. Dimensions: 3" x 2" Made in China.
  • Capresso Iced Tea Maker
    No more waiting hours for iced tea. This innovative iced tea maker brews your favorite loose-leaf or bagged teas directly into a generously sized pitcher. Brew strength is fully adjustable so you can enjoy tea the way you like it. Tea brews hot, but cools quickly in the refrigerator. Pitcher, lid and brew basket are dishwasher safe, so cleanup is a snap. Manufacturer: Capresso. Model: 624.02. Material: Glass, stainless steel, plastic. Care: Wipe clean with damp cloth. Pitcher, lid and brew basket are dishwasher safe. Dimensions: 6¼" x 9¾" x 13½" Capacity: 35 oz. (water tank); 80 oz. (pitcher) Made in China. FEATURES Compatible with both loose-leaf teas and tea bags. Brew strength is fully adjustable to match your preferences. Large, 35-ounce water tank removes for easy filling and cleaning.
  • imm Living Anchors Aweigh Lifesaver Tea Infuser
    What a lifesaver! This nautically chic Anchors Aweigh Lifesaver Tea Infuser from imm Living features a white ceramic charm shaped like a boat's lifesaver tube, while a stainless steel mesh ball is perfect for holding your favorite tea bags or loose leaves. Use the sea-loving Anchors Aweigh Lifesaver Tea Infuser to brew up your choice of loose tea blend, and let it steep your next tea bag with imm Living's playful style.
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  • Ateco Basket Weave Pastry Tip
    Our basket-weave pastry tip is large enough for creating grand-scale swags, swirls and stripes, as well as covering expansive surface area with the classic woven pattern. One side is grooved while the other is smooth, offering versatility in textures and combined effects that are simple to create with a twist of the wrist. Made by Ateco, the pastry chef’s choice for cake-decorating tools, the tips are precision-crafted from stainless steel for exceptional performance and durability. Professional-quality tips for decorating cakes, cookies, pastries and more. Precision-crafted of stainless steel for exceptional durability. Use with buttercream, royal icing, whipped cream, mashed potatoes and more. Pastry tips are for use without a coupler, with parchment or uncut bags. For enhanced control, versatility and neatness, use standard-size tips with our Ateco Standard Coupler (sold separately). Works with any kind of pastry tube, including folded parchment, canvas and plastic. Made by Ateco, producers of professional-quality pastry tools since 1905.
  • Jokari Healthy Steps Portion Control Cookie Pro Multi-Tool
    This Portion Control Cookie Pro by Healthy Steps scoops out perfectly proportioned cookie dough balls. It is easy to practice portion control while indulging in your favorite cookie recipe, as each dough ball is approximately 28 grams. Use on your favorite homemade cookie dough recipe, as well as cookie dough that comes in a tub or tube - simply scoop and press the back of the flexible scoop to release! The other end features a spatula to scrape bowls, decorate, and remove your freshly baked cookies from cookie sheet. Take Healthy Steps and consider baking with more healthful ingredients and fresh fruits, like rolled oats, heart-healthy oils, honey, bananas and cranberries. Dimensions: Measures 1.5" wide by 1.75" long by 9.75" tall/deep. Measures uniform, one-serving sized cookies. makes all cookies an identical shape. Multi-tool to assist with the baking of cookies, adds speed and efficiency. Press the back of the flexible scoop to easily release dough ball. Works with homemade and store-bought cookie dough, regardless of container. Bpa-free and top rack dishwasher safe.
  • imm Living Anchors Aweigh Seagull Tea Infuser
    What a charm! The nautically chic Anchors Aweigh Seagull Tea Infuser from imm Living features a white ceramic charm shaped like a flying seagull, while a stainless steel mesh ball is perfect for steeping your choice of tea bags or loose leaves. The Seagull Tea Infuser is part of the imm Living Anchors Aweigh Collection. Use the Anchors Aweigh Seagull Tea Infuser to brew up your favorite blend, or let it prove that fun style flocks to you, no matter your distance from the sea.
  • Jokari 229500 Avocado Pro
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    Open, pit, slice, scoop and mash - all with one tool. Speed up prep time in your kitchen and save valuable storage space with the multifunctional Avocado Pro. This feature packed avocado tools cuts open avocados, pits, slices them into bite size pieces, scoops out the healthy avocado meat and contains a masher to make homemade fresh guacamole. This is one tool no kitchen should be without. How to use: Use the serrated cutting surface to open the avocado. Insert the concave tip under the seed to remove the pit. Drag the slicer through the meat of the avocado to create even slices. Use the masher located on the opposite end of the tool to mash avocados for salads or to create guacamole. Top rack dishwasher safe. Benefits of eating avocados: Avocados contain phytonutrients, which help to prevent many chronic diseases. Often referred to as "nutrient booster", the avocado helps to absorb alpha and beta-carotenes from other foods when eaten with the fruit. Dimensions: Measures 2.36" wide by 2.8" long by 9.56" tall/deep. Open, pit, slice, scoop, and mash avocados with one tool. Use the serrated cutting surface to open the avocado; concave tip removes the pit. Drag the slicer through the meat of the avocado to create even slices. Masher on opposite end of tool great for making guacamole. Top rack dishwasher safe.
  • CB2 Rocket Tea Infuser
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    Steep, two, one... Bright green silicone rocket steeps a single cup of your favorite loose leaf tea that's out of this world. Top has attached chain for deep steeping and easy retrieval. Details and Dimensions: Rocket tea infuser. 1.25" Dia. X 2.75"W. Silicone. Steeps a single cup of loose-leaf tea. Dishwasher-safe. Made in China. Overall Dimensions: Width: 2.75" Diameter: 1.25"
  • Jokari Healthy Steps Citrus, Avocado & Produce Pro Kitchen Tools, Multi-use 3 pc. set
    Start taking Healthy Steps with your nutrition with these sleek and stylish kitchen multi-tools. This 3-piece tool set includes the popular Citrus Pro, the Avocado Pro and the Produce Pro. The Citrus Pro is 4 citrus tools in one - a reamer. Dimensions: Measures 2.4" wide by 3.0" long by 10.0" tall/deep. Multiple tools on each handle to help you eat healthier, easier to store. Fresh citrus provides vitamin c, antioxidants, natural flavorings. Avocados are a super-food, with 20 vitamins and nutrients. Produce Pro makes coring strawberries a breeze. Bpa-free, dishwasher safe.
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  • Fred OcTEApus Tea Infuser
    The Kraken stirs—in the depths of your favorite tea mug! Simply fill the head of this soft silicone octopus with your favorite loose-leaf tea and lower him beneath the waves. Several small pores allow the tea to steep fully. Hook the longest tentacle over the rim of your cup for easy retrieval—or you’ll be left doing your best pirate impression (ARGGH!) as he sinks into the deep. Manufacturer: Fred. Material: Silicone. Care: Top rack dishwasher safe. Dimensions: 4" x 1½" Made in China.
  • Jokari 229506 Spoon Rest
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    The clear way to protect countertops. This Healthy Steps Spoon Rest holds everything from small spoons to large spatulas and protects countertops and stovetops from messy drippings. Handy built-in recipe holder provides the perfect resting place for recipe cards while cooking. How to use: Do not place Spoon Rest directly onto heat source on stovetop. Use cut out located at the top of the Spoon Rest to hold recipe cards. Dishwasher safe. Dimensions: Measures 0.96" wide by 4.56" long by 7.06" tall/deep. Built-in recipe holder. Oversize rest hold large utensils.
  • OXO Stainless Steel Measuring Spoons
    Make your measurements count. Each spoon features a permanent, bright and color-coded number for easily identification. Each spoon also snaps on to connector ring separately, for those times when you want to remove one ring rather than carry the set. Each is constructed of stainless steel and fitted with soft grips for easy dipping into jars and containers and poising beneath a bottle of extract. Set includes Tablespoon, teaspoon, ½ teaspoon and ¼ teaspoon. Dishwasher safe.
  • Jokari Healthy Steps Chicken Pro Rotisserie Chicken Tool
    This Chicken Pro by Healthy Steps is a double-ended tool that easily removes skin and bones from your cooked chicken and poultry. Rotisserie chicken and turkey breast are fresher and lower in sodium than frozen, pre-packaged options. This multi-use tool is perfect for removing the extra fat and calories by quickly removing the chicken or turkey skin. Debone leftover chicken and turkey for quick and easy salads, sandwiches, even a quick quesadilla! Dimensions: Measures 0.9" wide by 1.14" long by 9.5" tall/deep. Skin and debone cooked chicken or turkey fast, ideal for rotisserie chicken. Serrated skinner tool pierces the skin and aids in removal. Deboner end of tool slides along leg and thigh bones to quickly remove meat. Quickly prep cooked poultry and save leftover meat for other uses. Bpa-free, top rack dishwasher safe.
  • Flavor Injector
    A fast way to impart flavor and juiciness to meats and poultry, this stainless-steel tool with an easy-to-handle syringe inserts marinades and other liquid flavorings into foods before cooking. It's ideal for roasting, barbecuing and deep-frying – and great for flavoring turkeys. Stainless-steel cover houses a heavy-gauge plastic syringe marked with tablespoon and teaspoon measurements. Window reveals the liquid content level. Extra-wide needle accommodates thick or chunky basting mixtures.
  • Ateco Pastry Bag Decorating Kit
    Ideal for decorating cookies, cakes, cupcakes and pastries, this kit contains the essential tools for creating countless borders, scrolls, flowers and lettering. Durable stainless-steel tips can be used again and again. Six tips let you create outlines and fills, writing, beads, dots, stems, flower petals, stars, zigzags, shells, ropes, puffs, rosettes, scrolls and leaves. Two durable nylon bags can be hand-washed and used for countless baking projects. Plastic coupler secures tips during use and lets you use multiple tips with the same bag. Comes with recipes for buttercream and royal icings. Instructions included. Made by Ateco, producers of professional-quality pastry tools since 1905.
  • Wilton® Decorating Tip Covers, Set of 6
    With these convenient silicone decorating-tip covers, icing won’t dry out in your bag between uses. Covers fit snugly over all standard and most large tips to keep air out and icing fresh. Top-rack dishwasher safe. Set of six.
  • Fred® Mr. Tea Infuser
    Perfect for the tea lover! We are big fans of Fred products. Innovative and fun, each piece is one-of-a-kind. Molded from soft silicone rubber, this adorable infuser perches atop your cup to hold your tea. Comes artfully packaged in a colorful gift box. BPA-free. 4¾" h x 3¼" l x 1¾" w. Hand wash.
  • Kuhn Rikon Herb Chopper
    There's no more efficient way to release the herbs' fragrant essential oils for maximum flavor. Kuhn Rikon's update of the classic mezzaluna has an ergonomic handle that lets you customize your grip. Razor-sharp high-carbon-steel blade cuts cleanly through herbs. Nonstick blade finish ensures easy release of chopped leaves. Polypropylene handle works with the crescent-shaped blade to facilitate a natural rocking motion for rapid, efficient chopping and mincing. Ergonomic handle design allows you to choose a one- or two-handed grip. Protective sheath covers the blade for safe storage in a kitchen drawer. Dishwasher safe.
  • Eva Solo 1L Tea Maker with Neoprene Cover - Red
    Eva Solo – one hundred years of beautiful design. Material: 100% glass & neoprene. Height: 18.5cm. Capacity: 1L. Sleek and stylish tea maker. Drip-free lip. Fill the glass flask with tannin-free tea leaves. Leave to brew, insert filter and then pour. For faster tea, insert leaves directly into the filter. Fully depress the plunger after brewing, then pour. Tip-up lid that automatically opens when poured. Neoprene cover keeps the tea warmer for longer. Also available with a black neoprene cover. Dishwasher safe. Wide range of Eva Solo homeware available.
  • SIR MADAM Bakers Dozen Beechwood Spoons
    After years of searching flea markets and barn sales, designers Jesse and Kostas modeled 13 of their favorite spoons collected over the years in a set and had them replicated in beautiful beechwood hand carved in India. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes for cooking and serving. Spoons approx. 6.75" L - 7.5" L. Muslin bag included. Hand carved in India.
  • Baker's Decorating Kit
    Our do-it-all decorating kit makes it easy for real-world bakers to achieve professional pastry chef results. Seven decorating tips give you endless options for decorating and writing personalized messages. With our unique system, it's simple to switch tips on your filled bags, so you can easily change frosting colors and styles. Use this versatile kit to create personalized messages and imaginative decorations for your favorite homemade treats-from cakes and cupcakes to cookies and confections. Seven professional tips include four standard decorating tips, plus three smaller precision tips that work perfectly for detailed work like borders and writing. Tweezers make it easy to place decorations exactly where you want them. Double-sided icing comb helps you create richly textured patterns. The angled icing spatula is perfect for frosting treats prior to decorating-it's also helpful for filling pastry bags. A special detail brush is designed for precisely painting treats with intricate images and designs. For quick, easy cleaning, all tools fit neatly into the dishwasher-safe mesh storage bag. Set includes : 12 pastry bags. 4 standard tips. 3 precision tips. Icing comb. Icing spatula. Tweezers. Detail brush. Mesh storage bag.
  • Ateco Reusable Superflex Pastry Bags
    The only one you’ll need for countless decorating and garnishing projects, this Ateco bag can be reused over and over with your favorite small or large decorating tips. Made from clear blue Superflex, a silicone-infused plastic, they’re pliable and durable and won’t balloon, leak or split. Safe for use with hot or cold foods, they’re equally handy for filling pastries, frosting cakes and creating swirls of mashed potatoes, whipped butter and more. Nonslip texture promotes a steady hold for precise decorating. Use with or without couplers (not included). Decorating tips not included. Resists odors and stains. Instructions included. Made by Ateco, producers of professional-quality pastry tools since 1905.
  • OXO Stainless-Steel Measuring Cups & Spoons
    These stainless-steel cups and spoons measure ingredients precisely, and their color-coded measurement markings help ensure that you pick up the correct size each time. Flat bases let them rest evenly on a countertop for easy filling and leveling. Measuring cups set includes 1/4-, 1/3-, 1/2- and 1-cup sizes. Measuring spoons set includes 1/4-tsp., 1/2-tsp., 1-tsp. and 1-Tbs. sizes. A storage ring organizes the pieces between uses; each of the cups and spoons snaps onto the ring separately so it’s easy to remove them one at a time. Simply replace after washing. Easy-to-read measurement indicators. Made of rugged stainless steel with a brushed finish. Soft Santoprene handle covers ensure a firm, nonslip grip. Dishwasher safe.
  • Mr Tea Infuser
    Throw some tea in your trousers! Mr. Tea is an ideal tea-time companion. Just load his little silicone pants, perch him in your cup, relax for a minute as he does the work, and savor your perfect orange pekoe. A great novelty stocking filler for those who love tea! Soft Silicone rubber. Food safe. Dishwasher safe. Microwave safe. Packaging dimensions: 9.5cm x 8cm.