I was tagged by @chomiczynka in her amazing set: http://www.polyvore.com/cl_why_do_love_you/set?id=50249346

1. Make a set for the person your tagged with.
2.Write why you love that person who you are tagged with.
3. Tag other people with thier biases.

I love Hongki because of his unique singing voice. If I had to choose one thing, that'd be it. Yup, not his awkwardly blunt personality, not his undeniably good looks, not even his cutesy Jeremy. Because that was the first thing about him that made me like him ^^

But I mean, all those other things add in too. 

Okay...let's just be honest here. I love everything about this boy. Why am I trying to give such a detailed explanation here? I think I've proved that I love him enough, okay?! xD

I tag:
@maybones - AJ
@dinoburger - Yoseob
@aurora-zg - Yoochun (I'm sorry unnie, I don't know your bias so I just uh, guessed. Or maybe if you loved me enough, you could magically make Yoochun your bias...? xD jk. But seriously, sorry.)
@kewelgirl1988 - Changmin (DBSK, not 2AM :D)


I usually don't do this becaue I feel awkward, but I feel like one of my sets is hidden and I worked really hard on it >.< 
Plus I really like the pictures and I usually don't reuse pictures on sets...SO GO LOOK AT THE PRETTY PICTURES. xp
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