Jonas Brothers Movie!!
the movie will basically be about they're whole lives, mostly centering around 2007-?, because that was their rise to fame. The movie will be a collection of old concerts of the Jonas Brothers and some interview of the Jonas Brothers when they are a lot older (maybe a couple decades in the future) The movie itself is almost like a biography type of thing..
Starts of with clips of some of the greatest jonas brothers concerts and fans going crazy over them. music playing: that's just the way we roll. "The Jonas Brothers" pops up in large bold and gold letters. 
Narrator begins, music fading-- "you may know them as the greatest pop/rock band of all time, but how well do you know them?" followed by a couple of interesting facts about the jonas brothers, e.g. when/how they were started. continue playing clips of jonas brothers and also clips of them getting winning in award shows such as the AMAs. Narration fades, that's just the way we roll continues, but on the fast paced part of the song, pictures show faster and faster, joe's voice begins, answering a question asked off camera, "Hmm... the best part about being a jonas brother... well, that has to be....." (says something completly random and unrelated. Kevin laughingly agrees. Nick objects, "Well, actually, i think the best part is......" (says something witty and hilarious) This time Kevin bursts out laughing, "Yes... well both are really great aspects of being a Jonas Brother," We hear distant laughing. 
More clips of some of their successful tours and in newsflash format, how they had #1 on itunes. Nick's voice, "When we really began to come together and began to sound good enough for people to acknowledge us as a band was at about February 2007. That was the time we signed with Hollywood records. I think we had really begun to perfect our abilities and that really helped us come out with a successful album." Kevin and Joe add details to that, but basically agree.
Kevin, close up, during a one-on-one interview, "I'd have to say that I'm kind of like romantic out of all three of us. I'm also probably a bit more protective, I think than Nick and Joe most likely because I'm older"
Joe, close up, during a one-on-one interview, "I'm what you'd call the "class clown" of the Jonas Brothers. I fool around a lot, and I'm pretty random."
Nick, close up, during a one-on-one intervie, "Well... some people sometimes think i'm shy... I mean, I am quieter than Joe and Kevin, but everyone's quieter than them," quick laugh, "I'm pretty much really goal-oriented, I guess. I know what I want in life and I really work for that."
Clip of A Little Bit Longer,
Nick, "I was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes when........" discusses the time when he was diagnosed with diabetes and how he dealt with it. Clip of Nick performing a little bit longer, and getting chocked up in the end.
Pictures of Nick, Kevin, and Joe with Frankie.
Kevin, "Frankie is the bonus jonas, or as we also call him, Frank the Tank"
Joe, "Frankie is awesome! He is so cool it amazes me."
Nick, "Frankie is our little brother, the fourth jonas...." continues talking about Frankie. 
movie continues........
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