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    "CLOTHES" — @storiesaremylife
  • Woolrich Women's Bryton Denim Vest
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    "(just imagine these things in male form) a vest thing" — @storiesaremylife
    There's a touch of backwoods in everything we make--and our classic denim vest is no exception. Inspired by the styling of denim jeans, it can accent your casual springtime wardrobe. Plus, we've added a bit of stretch to the cotton for comfort. Front and back shaping darts and adjustable back belt help tailor the fit. Button-front and button patch pockets. 99% cotton/1% spandex. Imported. Machine wash. Regular fit. 99% cotton/1% spandex denim, 10.25 oz. Machine wash. Jeans inspired styling. Front & back shaping darts. Back adjustable self-belt. Sandblast wash. UPF 40+ Regular fit, falls mid-hip. Centerback length: M-22"
  • Apt. 9 V-Neck Tee
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    "a black shirt" — @storiesaremylife
    Tees at Kohl's - This men's tee features a v-neck and solid design.
  • J.Crew The Petite Downtown Field Jacket
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    "his long jacket" — @storiesaremylife
    The quintessential cool-girl jacket (aka every girl needs one). In water-resistant waxed cotton with military-inspired pockets and snaps, this is our idea of standard issue. Boxy fit. Body length: 23 3/4". Sleeve length: 31 1/4". Hits at hip. Cotton. Standing collar. Snap front with hidden zip closure. Adjustable waist tabs. Chest pockets, hip pockets. Machine wash. Import. Online only.
  • ralph lauren denim Straight Fit Dark Marine Blue Jeans
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    "with jeans" — @storiesaremylife
    Ralph Lauren Denim Straight Fit Dark Marine Blue Jeans @ Cruise Fashion - the UK's leading independent luxury designer clothing retailer. Stockists of some of the most recognised and desirable fashion products for men and women. Order online securely for a quick and efficient service with same day dispatch and fast delivery.
  • Justin Tan Leather Ankle Boots size: 5.5
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    "and finally, his trusty boots." — @storiesaremylife
    women's ankle boots tan leather (wonderfully scuff and aged) leather lined lace up condition: general wear | no damage size: 5.5 women | 35 1/2 EU measuring from outer sole length: 10" wide: 3 1/4" height: 6 1/2"
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    "POCKETWATCH" — @storiesaremylife
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    "his pocketwatch is from a shop down the road, and it was all nice and polished by the time he got it. but now, it's covered in scratches and dents from his drunken stupors... it's a dark coppery colour, with gold mechanics on its face." — @storiesaremylife
  • Sherlock Holmes, Arthur Conan Doyle, Wall Art, Typography Art Print, Book Quote, Steampunk Decor, Dorm Room Decor
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    "PERSONALITY" — @storiesaremylife
    Sherlock Holmes * Sir Arthur Conan Doyle * Book Quote * Modern * Minimalist * Typography Wall Art * Literary Art * Literature Poster "My mind rebels at stagnation. Give me work, give me problems." Sherlock Holmes, The Sign of Four (1890) - Sir Arthur Conan Doyle Sherlock Holmes, a character created by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, first appeared in publication in 1887. He is considered to be the greatest detective of all time, and famous for drawing large conclusions from the smallest observations. Holmes shared most of his professional years with his friend Watson. Surely, he is one of the most beloved characters in the history of mystery fiction. I love the look of this aged and neglected typewriter font. It represents the theme of quote nicely. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Your print comes on heavyweight, premium, matte paper that will last a lifetime. * The 8" x 10" image will have a small white border to make framing easy. * High quality resolution * Watermark will be removed. * No matting or frame, if shown, will be included. * Colours may vary slightly on different monitors * Carefully packaged in cellophane and shipped in a rigid envelope (Canada Post). ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ► How to buy on Etsy:
  • Yafeu | Home Accents | Decorative Jars
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    "jones likes his beer. a lot. as in, a lot, a lot. rex calls him drunk fool. well, he iiiiiis a bit of a drunkard..." — @storiesaremylife
  • Chelsea Steampunk Loft
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    "but he spends most of his time building or working as his spot as team mechanic. he loves his job, and wouldn't give it in for the world." — @storiesaremylife
    Have you ever wanted to live inside the retro-futuristic world of a Jules Verne novel? Do you prefer submarine portholes to skyline views? Then say hello to your dream home.
  • Internal gears within a clock
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    "and if he's not building or working, he's drinking. better get him working then..." — @storiesaremylife
    Clock cogs. Internal gears and cogs in an antique clock on a decorative background. At upper left is the pivot for the hour and minute hands; at top left is part of the seconds face. These cogs form part of a skeleton clock, so called because the internal components are not hidden by an opaque covering. The wheels transfer and regulate motion from the power source to the hands. Photographed at the British Horological Institute at Newark, UK.
  • Real Unicorns Pictures and Images
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    "jones is also very random. his comments can be both random or unnecessary, or even both." — @storiesaremylife
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    "but jones is very witty, and has smart aleck comments for basically everything. his witty nature knows no bounds, and he'll forever be the child at heart." — @storiesaremylife
  • this is just a passing phase
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    "however, jones is immensely intelligent, thanks to using more than 10% of his brain. he is a genius when it comes to mechanics, and he can come up with blueprints and ideas. he is also very scientifically minded." — @storiesaremylife
  • Gothic - yeeta.com
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    "but on occassion, jones can be wise. his advice can be pretty useful, and when listened to and followed, much appreciated and almost always right." — @storiesaremylife
  • get busy living or get busy dying } } .
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    "when it comes down to it, jones is incredibly brave. he never back downs from a fight, and will go down to the end when it involves defending his friends and the innocents. despite the fact his greatest fear is death, he will stare it in the face with courage." — @storiesaremylife
    acerca de mi? puede haber mucho que decir como también tan solo un vacío, depende de donde me mires, intentar conocerme es una opción, no la más habitual, mas se puede hacer igual. Sueño con saber,...
  • I always wonder what you think about;
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    "jones is very loyal. he is always there for those he cares for, and he will never, ever leave someone behind. if you're dying, he'll stay with you until the very end... and he'll be there for you regardless." — @storiesaremylife
  • here, take my sweater
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    "while intelligent, jones is intelligent in the way x isn't. jones is both creative and innovative, and can use his imagination to his intellectual advantage." — @storiesaremylife
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    "jones is definitely loud. just... just no." — @storiesaremylife
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    "jones' sense of humor is very dry. he is incredibly sarcastic, almost always at the wrong moments." — @storiesaremylife
  • and now my body fades behind a brass charade
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    "but regardless, jones is very funny and entertaining, and has the ability to entertain almost everyone. even those with no sense of humor manage to crack even the smallest of smiles at one of his comments." — @storiesaremylife
  • It's Dr.Bieber, cure the Bieber Fever♥
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    "but, jones is probably ome of the most immature people around. he's still a massive kid at heart, and loves everything the kids love. oh, and he gets on along rather well with the kids. he blends in well." — @storiesaremylife
  • friends - Design Nation
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    "FRIENDS" — @storiesaremylife
    Design Community - friends
  • carey mulligan | Tumblr
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    "rex." — @storiesaremylife
  • callan mcauliffe | Tumblr
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    "dylan /moretti/ jones." — @storiesaremylife
  • Patrick Flueger Photo Gallery
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    "patrick tyler." — @storiesaremylife
    Pictures of young actor Patrick Flueger
  • Beauty in the Attic
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    "penelope bonnet." — @storiesaremylife
    beauty |ˈbyo͞otē| noun; a combination of qualities that pleases the intellect or moral sense the attic |ˈatik| noun; a haunted place filled with monsters and creatures with obscure qualities beauty in...
  • ramin karimloo | Tumblr
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    "x." — @storiesaremylife
  • Sienna Guillory
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    "astrid blackwood." — @storiesaremylife
    View photos of Sienna Guillory on IMDb!
  • fuckyeah john barrowman
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    "marcus 'bob' freeman." — @storiesaremylife
  • Hugh Jackman / Hugh Jackman
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    "henry reynolds." — @storiesaremylife
  • Pictures & Photos of Ella Purnell - IMDb
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    "cheyenne tennant." — @storiesaremylife
  • Landon Liboiron - Image 18 of 26
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    "felix smith." — @storiesaremylife
  • danisnotonfire | Tumblr
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    "simon mcdonnell." — @storiesaremylife
  • astrid berges frisbey | Tumblr
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    "amber jackson." — @storiesaremylife
  • Fall Icon by ♪WeStartedAtZero♪ - use!
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    "POSSESSIONS" — @storiesaremylife
  • Get Old School With Steampunk Watch « MaoChan
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    "jones always has something nifty and cool on him that he constructed himself." — @storiesaremylife
  • clockwork bug
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    "his personal favorites are his clip on watch and his mechanical spider." — @storiesaremylife
  • myJones Store Beverages - English
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    "he almost always has some sort of drink on him, more often than not alcohol." — @storiesaremylife
  • MIÑANO, Sebastian de (1779-1845). Diccionario Geografico-Estadistico de Espana y Portugal. Madrid: Pierart-Peralta, 1826-1829. 11 vols, 4° (208 x 145mm), 20 (of 21?) folding hand-coloured maps, views and plans. (Lacking the general map in vol. IV, occasio
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    "jones also has books on mechanics, logic, physics and time. he has an immense library full of books, which generally stay under his work table." — @storiesaremylife
  • Sword\ Demon Hk2515 Knights Dress Dagger
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    "jones also has a dagger, which is his main weapon. he does use his gun, but his dagger is definitely his main weapon." — @storiesaremylife
    Stainless steel 10.5 inch damascus style blade steel wrapped handle features cast metal pommel and and outstretched guard and a coorditing scabbard accented with cast metal parts. 18.25 inches overall Product Features 10 1/2 Inch Damascus Style Blade. Steel Wire Wrapped Handle. Intricately Detailed Guard and Pommel. Etched Sheath Fittings. 16 1/4 Inch Overall Length.
  • Colofurl Camera Shape 4/4S Case in White
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    "jones also has a camera, mainly to remember plans or ideas or even places if he has to." — @storiesaremylife
    100% Plastic Wipe Clean with a damp cloth Suitable for Iphone4/Iphone4S

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