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@sawe’s question
1.What was the last movie you saw?
Korean Movie The Chaser [Action, Thriller]
I was re watched again
Here the link if you want to watch with Eng sub:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YmQnkK6gffU [confirm very good one]

2. What are your favorite crisps?
None,I'm not eat that much all crisps.

3. What is your favorite cloth in your wardrobe?
Leather jackets,white t-shirts,skinny jeans,ruffle dress
everything not look too much girly or too much red.

4. Cowboy/girl or Indian?
Indian just I want to learn their culture sound interesting.

5. Can you play a music instrument?
A little bit for piano,learn how to play drum/guitar from my brother 
And ukulele i started to play since 3 years ago not an expert tho!!

6. What is your favorite actor/actress and why?
I chose Japanese Actor-Yamapi
Because he just amazing,talented and I used to be his fan since i was young
Japanese Actress-Toda Erika
She’s talented ,good acting,pretty even no make up 

7. A song where you can't get enough from?
Typical Asian song mainly are Hip hop,RnB,easy listening .
And some old English songs.

8. Favorite cloth store?
Japanese’s store/brand A bathing APE absolutely my style
Topshop cause not too much expensive.

9. Your favorite profession?
This question I don’t get it whom really refer to
Profession in the category of? so my personal respect are
Francis Fukuyama a Theorist, scientist
His valuable book The End of History and the Last Man
Roland Barthes a French literary theorist, philosopher

10. What is your favorite subject at school?
Math,Physics,Chemistry okay I'm admitted I never do a good grade for literature,writing sth related to humanity faculty do.
and I fab Arts subject ,painting etc made my brain calm.

11. What would you do with 1 Million dollar/euros/etc. ?
made my life better,donate,save in the bank
need more time to thinking about mmm,why so serious lol:)

Set inspired by sweet lady in pink spring since my precious bright pink spring look weird and i dislike it so i finding new idea for today.

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