One year ago today, I lost my dog, Josephine. She was a 9-year old miniature apricot poodle. I don't have many friends and I don't really trust anyone, so I was very close with her. I told her everything, and she would just listen and cuddle with me. I loved her so much. I'm homeschooled too, so she would literally be with me almost all the time. Sometimes she sat on my desk with her head resting on my textbook. I will never forget how her eyes would squint as her tail wagged when she was excited. :) Her tongue was a little too long for her mouth, so you could almost always see the end of it peeking out. ;P I know I sound a little crazy being so attached to a animal, but she was my best friend. I've never lost anyone before. It was really hard. So in memory of her I would like to share this poem I wrote. I know it's not very good.

My anxious fingers clench small soft curls
Secrets and feelings finally break free
Locked inside her with our key
A warm, wet tongue lovingly licks my cheek
Giving the comfort that I seek
Understanding eyes look up at me
And her tail wags with glee
As my smile begins to show....
"I love you my dearest Jojo" <3
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