Gemma Teller-Marrow wanted to know everything there was to know about Evita Stark, because so far all she knew was the girl owned a small boutique in downtown Charming and her best friend was Emily, Chib's fiance, and had made nice with her sons girlfriend Ali.

When Gemma sat the boys down the single ones that is (Juice, Happy, Half-Sack and Kozik) saying no demanding that one of them take Evita Stark out on a date, Juice jumped to it right away. 

Juice had tried hacking his way to her files but for some reason they kept coming up blocked which was weird he usually could hack anything and everything. 

The internet said that Evita Stark was a fashion designer, she had graduated from NYU, and had been in a really car accident when she was a child, nothing more was written about her. 

So when Juice had gone with Emily to visit Evita one Saturday afternoon he asked her out and she gave him a pleasant smile. Sure, pick me up tonight at 8 and we'll go to dinner.

When Juice borrowed his friend Gee's Impala with a promise that he wouldn't give it back with scratch on it he was in aw when he picked her up from her shop. 

The Evita he was used to always wore dark clothing here she was dressed in pinks and beige's. Her blue eyes shown bright he felt sort of nervous. He was glad Gemma had let him ask her out.

When they pulled up to Mario's Pizzera, Evita told him she was one to him, his smile faltered and asked if she knew about Gemma wanting to know more about her, she said of course she knew Emily and Ali told her but she knew that he had been trying to reach her records and there would be know way he could.

"Juice you can't access my files because my Dad is Tony Stark owner of Stark Industries, not that you can ever tell anybody, because very few know. Emily knows because she went with me to see him and Ali, she knows because of a sudden allergy to peanuts and I had asked her to call my father so he knew I was okay because AI, Jarvis would for sure tell my dad I was in the hospital." 

Juice sat back in his chair his jaw slacked Evita Stark was the daughter of a billionaire and probably a genius like her dad and her grandfather.

"If you don't want to see me again I can totally understand, I just really like you Juice and I couldn't keep myself a secret from you." 

Juice leaned forward and awkwardly took her hand in his and smiled at her he couldn't be mad at her she was sweet and well she made him nervous.

"I don't think you being you should stop me from dating you, now I heard that the meat lovers pizza is pretty grand."
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♥ Every day is a fashion show ♥

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|| 50 Fictional Character Date Challenge.

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Style stories

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