Julie Bennet /// Character Study {Audition}

Julie Bennett
{Julie doesn’t really care for drama. She’s unique, badas.s and totally knows how to have a good time but when it comes to bitchhy, gossiping ways of the rest of the girls Julie just stays out of it.}
  • Felicia Frithiof
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    "Julie Bennet - Julie seems to be a pretty basic 17 year old girl when you first look at her. But has you get to know her you see she is complied of sever complexities. She is a romantic, but not a pushover. She enjoys life but looks for something bigger." — @radio-surgery
  • Tegan and Sara
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    "Cori & Cora Bennet - Julie's older twin sisters. They moved to NYC a year ago after turning 20. They are musicians who live in Greenwich Village and she hopes to move in with them after graduating." — @radio-surgery
  • poly stuff
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    "Leto Bennet - Leto was a pleasant surprise that graced the family three years ago. Julie absolutely adores her but hates getting stuck on babysitting duty last minute on the weekends." — @radio-surgery
  • marion cotillard
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    "Agatha Bennet - Mother of the Bennet girls she is a New Mexico native. Agatha has a PHD in Literature from Yale and is an accomplished Romance Novelist." — @radio-surgery
  • poly stuff
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    "Guillermo Bennet - Born in Barcelona, Spain his mother is Spanish and his father American. He moved to New Mexico with his parents when he was fifteen. He now owns ' 'Nostalgia Records' a store in town, as he has always had a strong passion for music." — @radio-surgery
  • persian cat | Tumblr
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    "Cheshire - Julie's pet cat, he is an older persian with a spoiled attitude. Julie is really the only one in the family he likes. He has also been quite upset with a new puppy coming into the house." — @radio-surgery
  • Everest the Border Collie | Puppies | Daily Puppy
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    "Tavi - The family got Tavi a few months ago for Mrs. Bennet's birthday. Australian Shepherd/Collie mix. Tavi is playful and loves chasing Cheshire around the house." — @radio-surgery
  • taylor warren | Tumblr
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    "Charlotte Marwick - Julie's best-friend since the two started attending La Puenta together. Julie is a quite tame when compared to Charlotte but they enjoy one another's company and similar interests." — @radio-surgery
  • shia labeouf | Tumblr
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    "Adam Ciztarski - Another of Julie's best friends, they have been close since grade school. Adam can often be found hanging with her and Charlotte, and contrary to speculation neither have wants for a romantic relationship." — @radio-surgery
  • Redhead models: Anna Arendshorst
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    "Katerina Lerenzo - Julie has recently begun hanging around with Katerina, almost more in a mentoring way. Julie understands alot of people just don't get Katerina." — @radio-surgery
  • Clara Alonso clipped by wasted you†h
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    "Lydia Velasquez - Not many people know that Julie and Lydia had been close friends in their child-hood years but as they got older and their interests changed they drew apart. Now they barely give one another a passing glance." — @radio-surgery
  • poly stuff
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    "Marianna Jokavitz - Julie tends to try not to 'hate' anyone, but her and Marianna seem to have a mutual disdain for one another. Julie hates everything Marianna represents, but maybe somewhat envies her unknowingly." — @radio-surgery
  • Eco-Friendly Housing by Solarsmith - the New Mexico home supplies renewable solar power to neighbors! | Green
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    "Bennet Home - Located twenty minutes away from La Puenta, it is somewhat isolated but the Bennet family likes the widespread of land and nature." — @radio-surgery
  • Untitled
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    "Julie's Bedroom - Her save haven. She enjoys spending time with her family but after a long day at school she likes to just play some records and escape from it all." — @radio-surgery
  • Pow Pow The End. Rogers High School ( R.P ) 2nd Generation
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    "La Puenta High - Julie has a 'love/hate' relationship with La Puenta. Julie loves the close friends she has there but hates the hierarchy everyone , even faculty, follows. She just can't wait to graduate and move on from school drama." — @radio-surgery
  • record store | Tumblr
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    "Nostalgia Records - The record store Julie's father owns, she works there as a manager. She enjoys it because she really just listens to music all day and sifts through people's old records." — @radio-surgery
  • book lovers never go to bed alone
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    "Favorite Subject: English, she is currently taking AP Literature." — @radio-surgery
  • poly stuff
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    "Least Favorite Subject: Math, Julie hates math more than anything it just seems to go over her head." — @radio-surgery
  • records | Tumblr
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    "Julie's favorite possession is her father's old record player and a collection of vinyls and cassettes he gave her. Julie does not listen to a lot of current music (some indie & hardcore) but mostly older bands from 60-80's. Music is an obsession." — @radio-surgery
  • stock.xchng - Typewriter (stock photo by bjearwicke)
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    "Julie did not receive her father's musical abilities like her older sisters, to her misfortune. However she does have a flare for writing like her mother. She wants to pursue photo journalism one day." — @radio-surgery
  • JAK & JIL BLOG » Blog Archive » CAMERA CLUTCH//
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    "Julie's second passion is photography and she has a real knack for it. She constantly has her old film camera on her and has converted her home shed into a dark room." — @radio-surgery
  • Cell Phone Concert Shots | The Official P!nk Site
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    "Julie's favorite passtime is going to shows, often with Charlotte. She wishes she could see bands like 'Guns N Roses' and 'Led Zepplin' play but there are a few current bands she enjoys." — @radio-surgery
  • Guns N' Roses
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    "Julie's favorite band is 'Guns N' Roses' an obsession passed down to her by her father. She often wishes she could go back in time and fall madly in love with Axl Rose. She hates what the bands has become though in recent years." — @radio-surgery
  • All surprises, No regrets
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    "Julie's Style - Boho/Hipster/Old-schoo Metal Head. Julie is pretty laid back but and she tends to make fashion statements unconsciously. Leather, VIntage T's, Studs, Boots etc." — @radio-surgery
  • Restart My Heart
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    "Julie has never really been 'in love', she has been 'in lust' and has had a few flings. Being a romantic she believes the right one is out there somewhere but deep downs she fears actually opening up to anyone. However she does look for love." — @radio-surgery
  • light tat
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    "Julie just recently got her first tattoo, its the title of her favorite song by 'The Smiths'. She identifies it as the perfect love song and hopes to have a relationship one day that it could be comparable to." — @radio-surgery

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