So after Audrina and I went retail therapy-ing & had lunch, i was through with moping. I forgot to tell you guys, whenever i go model for anyone, the company loves to throw galas or something for me in MY honor. so i can't miss them, poo. I had one of those stupid galas today, thrown my ralph lauren. he was there too! :o oh man, i didn't wear one of his designs. oh im stupid =[ he didn't seem THAT mad!! haha, audrina came with me. ANd before we left i got ANOTHER present (gawd are the jobros REALLY THAT rich, they must pay like 100 dollars each package for shipping one day!). It was a sterling silver rose, a HUGE teddy, a pic of him in a frame and a note that said i love you, baby =]] aww he's ah-dorable!! The gala was a bore! gawd. All i wanted to do was text nick and audrina (on the other side of the room!) the whole time. When we first got there, #1 the place was HUGEEE and soo elegant. good thing the color schem was that of my dress =]. Anyways, they made a LOT of announcements and called me up. This took like... .2 1/2 hours! ugh. Then after that people started to mingle and me and audrina hid in the closet and texted the jobros and friends and drank happy juice =] Oh yea, my mom came for the 1st time to see me in greece. she looked happy. but my dad wasn't there =[. whatevs. I came out ever 30 minutes for 10 minutes so they wouldn't miss me. i hate these things. =[
Song of the Moment: Year 3000- Jonas brothers
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