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    "SUN 1st: Boring day. Just read and took my online photography classes. Oh but today is the last day of One Direction's Up All Night US Tour! Apparently, 1D is quite sad and the entire fandom is too, of course. Including me. It's a big deal on tumblr!" — frenchkitty
  • Painting - Jar of Paint Brushes5x7
    "TUES 3rd: Same old same old. But today I actually did a few productive things. One, I painted with Nylah. Water painted....but I think finger painting is good for her right now at this age. Next time we shall do that! Two, I made dinner! Well, part of" — frenchkitty
  • Crate & Barrel Staccato Dinner Plate
    "dinner. I made those Italian chicken sticks I used to make with Nen and mashed potatoes. I did not like my mashed potatoes but the chicken strips were not bad. So that was my day." — frenchkitty
  • brother and sister | Tumblr
    "Oh but you want to hear something else??? So you know how Zain always asked why I am not praying when I am on my period? Well that ended today. Mommy finally told him! Well, she just said "things hapeen to a woman's body" and during that time she can not pray. She did not explain what exacly what happens.....she just cleared it up a bit for him and told him not to ask women how come they are not praying. I was listening from the door the whole time...neither of them 2 know I was listening! Haha!" — frenchkitty
  • liam payne | Tumblr
    "I have been suffering from post-concert depression. I miss the concert so much! I can't even remember exactly...it was all kinda a blur! The video tape issue occupied my mind and so I now can't remember much. I always fuck everything for me. I was too worried about creating a memory than enjoying the moment. And you know, that was probably my only 1D concert ever. Next year they are coming, but the dates are in Ramadan. Worst ever. I am so disappointed I can even tell you." — frenchkitty
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    "WED 4th: Happy 4th of July! A very sucky 4th of July. Remember our old 4ths we used to have back in Culver City? Yup I'd do anything for those days again. Anyways, today is also shabebaraat as well...so it's weird. So today in the afternoon we went to the" — frenchkitty
  • Tree Bird Print 8X10 Boughs in Leaf Signed
    "the cabrestan (cemetery). Last time I was there was for Zainab Apa in January.....but I can't remember the last time I was there just for visiting. Today just reminded me how it's really not my thing. I find it no help...not to be mean or disrespectful...I don't like it at all.....it's very depressing. We have so many people to visit now...it's unbelievable." — frenchkitty
  • Colorful fireworks fine art photography (1)
    "So only Khaki and Tariq uncle and Nylah came today. Haja did not come because she is having a party with Accu's family. She's coming Friday though. We brought home food from this new halal chicken place. I really didn't find it all that. Then we prayed a little until it got dark. Nylah would not let us pray thasbee. But we just all did our own thing and then prayed namaaz. Daddy and Tariq uncle went to the masjid but they came back quick. As soon as it was dark, we went out and began fireworks. Zain enjoys them lots and has been so excited. He did them all...he had his order" — frenchkitty
  • 4th of July Subway Art (8x10)
    "and certain way. Nylah was not as scared as last year and kinda liked them. We had ice cream and tea outside and watched other peoples' illegal ones too. The ones that shoot up in the sky. Remember last year, William brought some and we did them too? That was cool! Anyways, we went in soon and then after a few minutes Khaki left. Around like 10 I think? Ammi and Mommy went back to praying...I just made some dua and then head to bed. We had to wake up for sehri at like 3:15. me, Ammi, and Mommy (daddy? Not sure.) were keeping rozas tomorrow. let's see how this one goes....Ramzan is in like 2 weeks or so!!!!" — frenchkitty
  • ramadan moon
    "THURS 5th: Roza today! Wasn't so bad! It was tolerable...I made it thru. The only thing was that I was very bored and had quite a lot of time! I read and finished my online photography classes. Printed out my certificate and everything! Hope to do something with my skills now. Today I also used the iPad and got some apps. I found some 1D ones! One of them was like a 1D newspaper! It was so cool! It had like their latest tweets, recent pics, news, etc. It was really cool...loved it! The other one I downloaded was a game. I had to find their faces and match it to the one given. LOL it was cool. Then we had the typical iftar. And listened to bayaans after we ate. We have been doing that more. We listen to different ones on the iPad." — frenchkitty
  • Islamic Art at Doris Duke’s Shangri La
    "FRI 6th: Went to Friday namaaz today.been going pretty consistently since school ended. The guest speaker at OC masjid was very good and his lecture was wonderful. It was on zikr. He said everything very straight forward and was a very passionate and powerful speaker. I liked that. He talked about how vital zikr is and how it is very rewarding and beneficial. Oh and also Daddy came too. There was supposed to be another guest speaker at night time, I wanted to go. It was Lauren or Laura Booth A Brit. In-law of a British prime minister. She converted and was going to tell her story." — frenchkitty
  • PSD Detail | pinkblue | Official PSDs
    "After that, Haja and them came a few hours later. She was spending the night too. So we all just hung out...played. Then at like 6:30 Khaki also came from work. Nylah gets so hyped up around Inaya (Yaya!) and she acts all different..almost, bratty. I really don't like it. Inaya and Yusef acted up a tad.....like they always do. We also did some fireworks. Just those pop-it ones where stuff comes out. We all did them (Haja got a huge pack).....it was pretty fun!!! Then Maghrib and dinner. Ammi made Biryani. Daddy was home too. After we ate, we played hide-and-seek! That was also fun! Even Khaki and Nylah played!!! We played few rounds then we were done. Then right before Khaki was leaving, Yusef began playing music and they all danced like crazy. Nylah too...LOL she's so cute when she dances! She like has her moves and stuff. Around 11 Khaki left and then the kids and then me!" — frenchkitty
  • Cottage Signs Vintage Style FARMERS MARKET 16x24 Handmade Hand Painted FamilyAtticShoppe
    "SAT 7th: Went to farmer's market today!!!! With Haja, Ammi, & the kids. Just got the same old~fruits and veggies. And we of course had our snow cones too. Very quick and then we came back....Haja and Ammi went somewhere else and I played with the kids. We played tag, hot potato, then watched TV. Then Haja came back and they all left....they had to go to a birthday party soon. Khaki and Nylah were going too. It was for Rubina's son....remember Rubina? Red curly hair? Khaki's friend? Gave you a doll one time? And you named a doll after her?? LOL....I got to know her during Khaki's wedding time....and I really liked her. I don't know, I guess I just thought she was cool so I admired her. Last time I saw her was Nylah's birthday. Anyways, then in the afternoon time, I went dring-dring with Mommy and Zain. Target and the dollar store. I really needed a carpet stain remover for the cats' throw-ups. I found the perfect one at Target. We lots of this-and-that....the 1$ stuff at Target were on sale, so we went nuts!! Also bought craft stuff becaue next weekend we are hosting a Ramadan craft party. Mommy's idea. We are just having cousins over and are going to make decorations for Ramzan...like signs, banners, etc. It will just be us.Sakeena, Sefia, Isa, Junaid, Noor, Zane, and Zaid. OH! And Amina...Shaida khala's newest little one! Aww, forgot her! LOL." — frenchkitty
  • Coke Art Graphic Corner Free Coca-Cola Vector Art, Images Graphics
    "Had Al-Watan (Daddy's all time fave) for dinner. Food does not get any Pakistanier than that. Haha. Anyways, I stayed up til midnight on tumblr, listening to music, and I also discovered a new Youtuber!!!!!! His name is Caspar Lee and he's South African!!! He is so funny and is very interesting and entertaining!! Found him thru Jacksgap....they worked together recently. Here is his channel. Check it out and I know you'll love him! He's cute too haha!!! http://www.youtube.com/user/dicasp I just love discovering things like this and exploring the world of other people around the globe." — frenchkitty
  • Dandelion Group - 8x10 Floral Print - Clean, Modern, Whimsical, Happy - Red, Aqua, Green, Yellow, and More
    "SUN 8th: Cleaned out my closet today!!! So much crap. Half of it is not even mine.....but it just stays in there. Cleaned it well and thoroughly. Yay me!!! I have this stain right in the middle of my room where Bell or Yoshi threw up and the stain won't go away!!!!!!! I am so mad....I tried the cleaner I got....rubbed it..scrubbed it.....Nothing!!!!!!!! Oh and while I was cleaning, in the middle of the day, it was just me and Zain home so I blasted my 1D songs and sang along to those....very fun! Don't get to do that often!!! Mommy went to the office and Ammi was with Khaki. Me and Zain also played together with water in the evening time. He was playing with water and somehow us both were" — frenchkitty
  • Songkran Water Fight 017
    "playing eventually and we soaked. We even got t-shirts and were wetting those and fighting with them. I know, lame. It was fun though.....with not much to do and Huzaifa gone, it's really nice to spend time with Zain even if it's just bugging him or actually playing with him. Very glad about that. I also talked to Zain about starting his own Youtube channel. I really want him to do so and I think he could do well with it! Don't you think?? He could do his own vids...he's pretty funny actually. I offered to do all the work...prepare, advertise, promote, etc. All he has to do is sit his butt in front of the camera. But he's keep saying no. I really want him to try it though!!! Maybe when he's older!!!!!!" — frenchkitty
  • Alexander McQueen Folk Small Shopper
    "MON 9th: Went to downtown today! Me, Mommy, and Haja. All the kids were with Ammi. We've been planning it for a while so finally today we made it. Have not been there for soooooo long, I barely could remember anything. We left early in the morning and came home at 3. We wanted to go to buy Eid gifts for the girls and see if we found any other stuff. We did buy Eid stuff for the girls so they are done. Just they boys are left. Mommy got a Cinderella little rolling backpack for Nylah for Eid. We bought stuff for ourselves too. Like scarves and purses. I bought 2 bags for 10$!! They are cute. One is purple and a yellow-ish color. Mommy got scarves for nammaz and Haja got rings and stuff. It was successful, but dowtown is....like.....dowtown. I don't know....but it's okay, we did what we had to and we were good." — frenchkitty
  • Raining wallpaper
    "This is o off topic, but I feel so bad for Haja and her stupid mother-in-law. When she speaks of her, it makes me so mad that that woman can make her so miserable. I mean she has done lots of things, big and little, to Haja...but I don't know how Haja takes it. I would never be able to. I just hope in my life I don't have to deal with mother-in-laws!!!!!!" — frenchkitty
  • mod meadow collection - nine 4x4 fine art photography prints : product : papernstitch
    "So after Haja and them left, in the evening, I napped for 2 hours. It was a fabulous nap haha. Mommy and Susan went out for dinner for her birthday so Micheal was here with Zain. Around 9, they came back with Monica too from dance. Have not seen her since school. It was great to catch up. She told me about her summer and so did I. I gave her her birthday gift I got her. It was Perks of Being a Wallflower. Hope she reads it!!!" — frenchkitty
  • caspar lee
    "TUES 10th: It's 1:12 am right now! Past few nights I've been staying up just being online. Polyvore, set making, tumbling, and mostly watching Youtube vids on these 2. Mostly Caspar Lee at the moment. I am now obsessed and love him. Look at him. Look at" — frenchkitty
  • caspar lee
    "his eyes. Tell me they are not to die for? It's that 2 hour nap that is keeping me up. Everyone else is sleeping! OH! Let me tell you about a new vacation we are planning." — frenchkitty
  • Beach House
    "So, we are going to Palm Springs again! Not too crazy about, I am honestly done with Palm Springs and think we should go other places. I will talk to daddy after. We will be going Labor Day weekend. Right after 1 week of school. It's all confirmed and it's a really nice big house. Guess what? Even Muzzamil is coming and will tag along with us! Huzaifa will be there too. Lovely. And also Omu +Sara khala & William. It will be quite a bit of people. So that is the next trip we will be having!!!!!" — frenchkitty
  • photo
    "Sooooo, woke up at 9 today. That's early for me during the summer! Ammi has been wanting to go walk down the street to look for some tree with a fruit, so finally today in the morning, we went. Walked down to that walkway area and the big tree was there. She's looking for calajaan. The purple things. We found the tree, but they are still flowers and have not bloomed yet. We will just go back later. Then later ran some errands. Been getting Eid gifts wherever we find them. So at Costco, we got books for Inaya and Junaid. Mommy bought a set of rain boots + an umbrella with owls for Nylah. I got an owl PJ for her too. Just getting gifts as we go. I also had library today at 7-8pm. I thought it was going to be slow because everyone is probably home, but no." — frenchkitty
  • Becca And Miriam Miller In LEGALLY Blondes II Roleplay
    "It was very busy with lots of people. And it was a lot because it was only me at the table. Oh well, I managed and it was nice talking to some people new people and mingling with youngsters. So it's 11:45pm right now, and I just watched Legally Blondes. The one with the 2 British twins. I want to see the other ones too but it's not on Netflix. Now I think I shall watch some That '70s Show until I get tired." — frenchkitty
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    "WED 11th: Ordinary day. I worked 2 hours at the library today. It was my last day of summer. I'll sign up again for fall hours later. My first hour, I was with this girl named Michelle. She was going to be a senior. She was nice...we chatted a bit. She has high hopes for colleges....she wants to go to Georgetown. Or UCs here. Anyways, she is a 1D fan too and she saw them in concert on the 17th. Day after mine! That was really cool! She left and the other hour I was by myself." — frenchkitty
  • Conceal Bookshelf
    "So anyways, in the evening after dinner, Zain took a shower outside. Haha. He was playing with Nylah's little pool and ended up bathing outside. Ammi brought soap and he even did wadhu out there. LOL. He's crazy. Not much going on either except working on stuff for the craft party on Sunday. We've been all cutting things and working on stuff to have for the kids on Sunday. Hopefully all goes well that day!" — frenchkitty
  • color me beautiful
    "THURS 12th: So one year today for Nenum. Read all about it in the set above. I wrote it that night last year. So I have lived my life without her for a year. And I don't think I did that great haha. But definitely I've changed. I discovered and learned so many new things. I wish she were here so I could tell her and obsess over it with her and drive her nuts. I think that's the one hting I miss most. Not having her here to learn new things with me. What I mean is that I have no one to go tell when I" — frenchkitty
  • Feathered Friends 8X10 Art Print
    "discover a new band, song, person, hot Youtuber, etc. I don' have someone to just go talk to and not worrying about what they think and someone who doesn't think I'm all crazy and stuff. So yah. I can go on and on, but I choose not to. I am sitting here eating dulche de leche ice cream and do not want to ruin my mood and get all sad and what not. The weather today was really strange. It was cloudy and grey and all this week is perfect sunny summery weather. But today it wasn't. It even started raining in the evening. But even though it was raining, it was warm outside. It was not cold. Very odd." — frenchkitty
  • Eleanor Calder Supporters
    "Now I want to discuss some of my random thoughts and what's new. First, the Morrisey tickets came in the mail to Sara Khala last week! So it's on, 4 more months! Also, did you know Nylah kinda looks like Eleanor Calder (Louis Tomlinson's girlfriend)?" — frenchkitty
  • Apple iPhone 4 16GB
    "I kinda think so. Their faces look alike. Yes, I know, I'm a tad crazy. And another thing, I realllllly want an iPhone now. I think it will fit my uses and I can do lots with one. My Blackberry is not so fitting for me and I can't do much. I want all those cool apps and I want to be able to do lots of things on my phone. Should I ask for one? Eid is coming up haha. But I also want a nice camera too to take up my photography. I want an SLR. I miss the one Deniz gave me and then asked for it back. I" — frenchkitty
  • Nikon D3100 Digital SLR Review
    "took some good photos with that camera. So right now I want lots of things. Now I am going to complain to you about how none of my friends have gone thru with plans or how no one will get back to my messages on doing something this summer. Monica has such" — frenchkitty
    "a busy schedule and does not have time for anything. I would like to do something with her before Ramzan but i doubt that's going to happen. I texted Zehra saying we should meet up soon too and go to the mall or something. Does not reply clearly and said her cousins are here or something. Has not gotten back to me yet. Messaged Zainab L. on Facebook, said she would ask her parents and see when she's free, but never responded to me either. Also messaged Aditi the sophomore. Talked to her a bit, we were going to go to Knotts, but she has not gotten back to me either. Who knows, maybe no one really likes me and they don't want to waste their time with me?" — frenchkitty
  • Sheikh Zayed Mosque
    "FRI 13th: Friday the 13th! There's been a lot this year. I think there was one in April and January and maybe one more? So anyways, went for Friday namaaz. We've been going for a few weeks now. We also always go to gas station and pick up snacks too before. Mommy let us do that. I saw Zainab L. at the masjid today too. She looked very.....elderly. Have not seen her in a while. It was a bit awkward....didn't know what exactly to talk about. I just said I had to go then I left." — frenchkitty
  • Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs (Cartoon Movies) - Movie posters
    "So in the evening, us 4 (Me, Mommy, daddy, and Zain) went to Ice Age!!!! I'm pretty sure I've seen all of them in theaters when they came out. This was the 4th one. It was good actually. Really funny. The characters never get old. Sid, Diego, Manny.... nice to go and see it just us 4. We went to the block. It was a nice evening to walk around but we did not. We went to Krispy Kreme across. So there was some special where you get one dozen and the 2nd is only 75 cents. The line was out the door! I so did not ant to wait. But then Daddy started walking inside the store and he began chatting with the customers up front in the line. He made a deal where he told the guy in line to buy 2 extra and Daddy will pay him back. It worked!!! The guy did it and we" — frenchkitty
  • The Young Life Leader Blog: March 2012
    "got our donuts!!!!! That's how daddy rolls LOL. So we left and right as we were leaving the block, we saw the Patel ladies! All the sisters. They just got back from Umrah few days ago. I guess they came for a little shopping. We said salaam and chatted a bit. They kept saying they missed us because last time they went for Umrah we were with them. It was fun when we went. I'd love to go again with them!" — frenchkitty
  • (2) L Martin's Weezer on Tour Sticker on GetGlue
    "So it's 11:30 pm right now. Mommy went to a movie with the Patels and Ammi and Daddy are sleeping. Me and Zain are listening to songs. I see he likes Weezer, Aww, his first band that he really likes! We are just going thru songs on Youtube. Now we are like listening to old old songs from when I was little. Like High School Musical stuff and Jesse McCartney! Memories!" — frenchkitty
  • Swing ride, carnival decor, nursery art, carnival photography, summer on the midway county fair teal turquoise sky large wall art 16x20
    "SAT 14th: OC fair today! We went with Khaki and Tariq Unlce and Nylah. Ammi too. But not Mommy or daddy. She stayed to do work and whatever. We all left finally at like 4 after waiting for Khaki. Once there, we got our tickets and went to the animals/petting zoos. We went there before. We've been going to the fair every summer except for last. We were familiar with most. Nylah loved touching all the animals and seeing them. After a good while, we went to the theater area and got some snacks. I" — frenchkitty
  • Time For Some Fair Food! « : Blisstree - Serious Health and Wellness – Injected With Humor
    "had a frozen banana in chocolate! I wanted to try it. It was okay. Nothing special. We had bunch of junk food and then Haja and them came. They met us there at the tables. Then we decided to do dinner then rides/games. They got some shrimp and rice dish. Me and Zain got a whole thing of curly fries. Zain saw the food stand. Glad he did! I also got a yummy baked potato with sour cream and broccoli! Mmm...it was good! Ammi had some of mine too. Then we left for rides and games. We all pitched in 50$ for a 100 ticket card. That worked well, we used it all and it lasted a while too. Some rides were free because their scanner din;t work. That was lovely!!! We sat on rides...all the small kiddy ones. We were in the kids zone, not the adult area with big rides." — frenchkitty
  • Carnival Photography Carousel Photo Merry Go Round blue brown teal shabby chic copper whimsical print print - Another Dream 8x8
    "I also walked around a bit on my own to see the shops and what not. OH, I saw these 2 really cute guys. They were in boy scout uniforms. One looked at me, and I swear he looked just like Caspar Lee! His eyes were so amazing...ahh he perfect! Seemed like a sweet guy too haha. Then I walked on and that beautiful face vanished forever. Anywayssssss, Nylah could not go on ANY rides. So annoying, I relaly wanted to go on some with her!!!!!!! She would cry and I felt bad. After we did our rides, we played some" — frenchkitty
  • CRAZY COASTER summer dreamy blue romantic candy colored yellow gold bokeh carnival fun Fine Art Photography print 5x5
    "games. Zain and Yusef played a fishing game and won Nylah a stuffed giraffe. Then she got happy and was quiet. Once the card was done, we headed back to the tables and they had funnel cake. They love it. especially Ammi and Yusef. I am not a fan. They" — frenchkitty
  • Vintage Hot Pink Carnival Tickets, Set of 25
    $2.25 etsy.com
    "games. Zain and Yusef played a fishing game and won Nylah a stuffed giraffe. Then she got happy and was quiet. Once the card was done, we headed back to the tables and they had funnel cake. They love it. especially Ammi and Yusef. I am not a fan. They watched the shows on stage. It's the same ones....the Asian acrobats and the hypnotizing guy. At night there we so many people drinking beer. Every where you look they are holding cups of beer. I guess a lot of people drink it? Zain had ice cream and I munched on a churro. That was all. Then we left at like 10. Got home, Khaki and then left, and now I am here typing this all. I just showered and was working on cutting stuff for tomorrow's craft party. I told Mommy I'd do door hangers and I just started." — frenchkitty
  • Photos of cody simpson jessica jarrell pastry 02 | Cody Simpson & Jessica Jarrell: Pastry Pair - Pics | Just Jared Jr.
    "Oh back to the fair, Cody Simpson is supposed to be performing tomorrow the 15th! Too bad we didn't go tomorrow, could've seen him! I was a bit obsessed with him last year. Only for a little. I am no super fan, but I'd like to see him still!" — frenchkitty
  • One Direction
    "So I am cutting out door hangers for the kids to decorate and also watching 1D's "A Year in the Making." Their documentary that was released in November 2011. I discovered them back then and I so remember watching this online. Today Nickelodian was premiering the documentary so all these people are watching it. It's annoying. Now like everyone will know even more about them! I have got to get over it. So yah, I'm just watching it on youtube right now because I have not seen it since then and I am bored cutting these and need something to watch or listen. Have to go back to cutting now. It's 12:48 am, and I still have to pack for Haja's. Going home with her tomorrow and staying a few days." — frenchkitty
  • Ploader - Quick Image Uploader
    "Oh and today was Bell's 6th birthday!!!!!! I knew, but then today I so completely forgot! I feel so bad. I am so mad! Didn't do anything. Not even a Fancy Feast cake!! Aww." — frenchkitty
  • Breathe in, breathe out.
    "SUN 15th: Went to bed at 2am last night. Then I had to wake up at 8:30 because Mommy needed me to do things. So you want to hear something? So you know I stayed up cutting the door hangers? Yup, not going to use those. They turned out crappy. I tried my best to cut, but i guess I can not. I suck. Me and Mommy wen to Dollar Tree to get some balloons. And we saw these foam star door hangers to decorate. They were nice and we both liked them. So we bought those for the kids. My hangers won't be used. Ugh, whatever. Complete waste of my time. So we set up everything this morning....balloons, table cloths, tables, supplies, banners, food, drinks, etc. We are doing pizza and pasta and salad. Lovely kid friendly food. I also managed to straighten my hair." — frenchkitty
  • Crayola My First Crayola Washable Markers 8ct
    "I tried to be on my absolute best behavior and tried not to get annoyed or get irritated or anything. I did good! Haja and Khaki came and we got started on doing their crafts/projects. It's quite a lot when working with youngster.s It'd a tad overwhelming! It was a lot of people. Aisha khala, Z, Shaida khala, Fatima khala + sara khala and Omu! Quite a bit. Busy and chaotic house. We had projects like banners, signs, and the foam door hangers. The girls liked it. Boys not that much. We had lot" — frenchkitty
  • Blick Landscape Oil Brushes - Blick Art Materials
    "of supplies and choices on how to decorate. Aisha khala and Z brought bunch of stickers and glitter and ribbon too. Too many things!!!!! I think everybody enjoyed it. Mostly they were playing on the slide in the grass and stuff. The pizza got delivered and people could eat whenever they wanted. We also did a story time! I read one book on Ramzan and Sefia read one as well. I was a bit nervous, I'll admit, but it was okay. Then we had cupcakes and ice cream an just hung out. All the cousins enjoyed each" — frenchkitty
  • Sharpie Twin Tip Fine Permanent Marker
    "other's company! The house was full of kids! Shaida khala's Amina is the cutest thing! She looks like Haroon chacha a lot. Noor was cute too, she played with Nylah but Nylah is a bit more aggressive and bossy. Slowly everyone left and we did clean-up. we all made stuff. I made a banner for my room and a door hanger and some other little things. Khaki made stuff for Nylah. Haja did too. We all let our creative sides out you can say!!!!! I think it went pretty good. Hope Mommy feels the same!!!!!!" — frenchkitty
  • art supplies
    "Then it was just us. We didn't do dinner because of our late lunch. Just tea really. So let me tell you about this thing Zain has in his private area. Me and Mommy went to get a cream just now. I guess it's called a jock itch and guys get it. Don't really want to describe it, but you get the picture. It's really uncomfortable for him and I feel bad! Perhaps it's like cramps for us? I;m thinking of that way....or like period? So we all those odd things, right? Anyways, I am all packed for Haja's. I'm iffy on going now but oh well. I'll just go. Mall for sure tomorrow, yay! SO I'm just writing this and waiting to go. The guys went for a movie and when they get back I'll go with Haja and Accu." — frenchkitty
  • Kidprint® Regular - Fonts.com
    "Oh and might I add, I think I looked pretty damn good today. Yes, I know, I can be a tad vain at times. But I wore my blue skirt and a white kafni type top from Gap and I liked it! My hair was in a cute elegant bun with a bold silver/grey headband. I thought overall, I didn't look so bad!" — frenchkitty
    "MON 16th: With the kids and Haja! We mostly ran around doing things and when they went to soccer or madresa we would shop haha! This morning I woke up to both of them by face LOL. They get so excited when I come. We had breakfast all together and then played outside. We played pretend that Inaya was a princess and me and Yusef were king and queen and we were trying" — frenchkitty
  • Kids wall art - tree print - kids art - kids prints - kids wall decor - bird print - nursery art - childrens wall art
    "to find Inaya a prince. The playground was our castle. I thought of it, pretty creative right???? We played for a bit then went for a hike. They have this really cool nature place that's free and we always go. It's really nice, I love it. Then when Yusef went to soccer, we went to a mall. Then they both went to madresa and we went to Nordstrom rack. We were always in sort of a rush...we had" — frenchkitty
  • Illamasqua Nail Varnish in Vice, Taint, Kink, Faux Pas Review, Photos, Swatches
    "to keep rushing. We had like an hour. I got a green blouse. I think it'll look good with a white cardigan and some silver jewelery. And I also bought nail polish. I don't know why I get nail polish when I can only wear it for a week every month!!!!!!! I wish I could wear nail polish more. I'd wear it all the time. Then at home we continued playing outside and we all had dinner that Haja made (burgers) with Accu too. We stayed up watching TV and then soon went to bed." — frenchkitty
  • katy-perry-opi-nail-polish-line
    "TUES 17th: Woke up at 9:30. A little late for Mayet time. They get up early! Today we spent the day at home playing outside doing different things. We painted and made lemonade and rode bikes and played on the trampoline. They have tons of things to do. We did the same thing when they went to madresa that afternoon, went to the mall. Didn't get much. I'd try on things but not like any of them! We headed home and had dinner. Mommy and Zain and Ammi came after maghrib to pick me up. I felt bad leaving, I" — frenchkitty
  • Dolce Gabbana Lace Makeup Collection Summer 2012
    "always do. After they chatted a bit, we finally left. Overall, it was fun. Yusef and Inaya did drive me a little crazy but it's okay. That's them. They are so crazy and loud and hyper and annoying but the most loving and sweet kids. They do drive Haja insane and I wonder how she does it." — frenchkitty
  • Advance Ramzan Mubarak Pictures
    "THURS 19th: Ramzan moon sighting frenzy begins! It'salways so confusing and everybody does it different days. We were supposed to keep our 1st fast tomorrow, but there was no moon so everybody is starting Saturday and so are we now. The whole thing of deciding and seeing the moon is such a process and everybody gets so tense and anxious. I'm fine with any day really, I just want an Eid together! Our Eid might be on Sunday the 19th or Monday th3 20th. i REALLY want it to be Sunday because Monday I have school registration in the morning and I would just hate not to be home. I will make dua for it to be on Sunday. I want a nice and" — frenchkitty
  • The Muslim in Ramadan « ISLAM—World’s Greatest Religion!
    "enjoyable Eid with no worries. I also want an Eid that is deserving. Like, I want to pray hard and make true dua and ibadaat then have a grand Eid. Do you get it? I realized these past years I just go thru the month without taking advantage of it and Eid is all so wonderful Like I get tons of things and money, but do I really deserve it? This year I want to earn all those rewards. I want to take full advantage of the month and make the best out of it. Hopefully I will!!!!!!!" — frenchkitty
  • RoomMates Elmo Peel Stick Wall Decals
    "So now, a few Nylah updates haha. Today I heard her count to 3 for the 1st time!!! She pointed to the cupcakes on her shirt and said "1,2,3!" I had no clue she could!!! Yay!! Today she also found Ammi's pills and almost ate one! This is sort of my fault. I left her watching TV in Ammi's room and went up. Then next thing I know Alicia found her licking a pill! Holy shit! She din;t eat one but she licked one and dumped them all on the ground. That girl. She is quite mischievous and is a handful. But I know she loves me and I love her too!!!!!!!!!!!!" — frenchkitty
  • I love my wife, but she curses, scratches and bites IslamicAnswers.com Islamic Advice
    "FRI 20th: Went for Friday namaaz today and we saw 2 guys taking shahadaa!!! Can you believe it? So this summer I've seen a total of 3 people convert in front of my eyes! Cool, huh? I saw and heard them recite the kalimah in english and Arbi. One guy was older looking and the other was a teen. Looked around my age. That was pretty cool, I'm glad I got to witness that once again!" — frenchkitty
  • Casablanca Image Hassan II Mosque, Casablanca
    "We also went for the 1st taraweeh! We are sticking to our Cypress masjid. So I guess namaaz begins at 9:50and we got there are 9 thinking it started at like 9:15. OMG we had to wait like an hour. Mommy wanted to do 20 rakaat, so we did. I don't think I've ever done full 20. It was quite hard, I'll admit. Shows how weak I am. Just got home, it's midnight. I am going to bed now because we have to wake up for sehri! Good night." — frenchkitty
  • Antique Reproduction Arabian Style Mosque Chandeliers Lighting
    "SAT 21st: Woke up at 12:30 today! Wow. But last Ramzan I used to wake up at like 1 or 2, so this isn't too bad. We all woke up for sehri last night at 3. I had garlic toasts and Daddy made mango milkshake. Mmmmm it was good! The day was pretty long. Haja and Khaki came around the afternoon time. Everyone had rozas except for Naya and Nylah obviously. It was pretty tough I'll admit. It was the first fast so I think I'll get used to it and it'll get better. Haja and them actually started fasting yesterday. They went by their masjid. So today was their 2nd roza. The day rolled on and we cooked" — frenchkitty
  • Mosque through window, a photo from Istanbul, Marmara | TrekEarth
    "and prepared. Finally 8:03 came and we all ate. Typical foods and Khaki made a salad which I did not like. We had some lovely watermelon though. And Ammi made custard! We also went for taraweeh again. Haja and them came too and they left for home straight from the masjid. Mommy and Daddy took 2 cars soafter 8 rakaat me, Zain, and Ammi went home with Daddy. Been home for like an hour now, it's 12:19am right now. I will now go off to bed and shall wake up at 3 for day 2 of rozas!!!" — frenchkitty
  • 6 Tech Millionaires Made By Monster Mergers
    "SUN 22nd: I have been discovering so many brilliant and good looking Youtubers lately! My world was opened up by @Jacksgap that I grew to love last month. There are so many British Youtubers. Sam Pepper, Marcus Butler TV, PointlessBlog, and an Irish guy BriBry. But I think Caspar Lee is my all time fave right now. So just few weeks ago, all these guys came to LA and had a meet up at the Grove! OMFG! But not Caspar. All the British guys came to LA" — frenchkitty
  • youtube
    "and held a free meet-up at the Grove!!!!!!! I feel like crying and am so mad because I missed it. Usually I know things like that but I so missed that one! Can you believe it? They all had come for ViCon, the biggest Youtube gathering. Guess where that was held? FUCKING ANAHEIM CONVENTION CENTER! They did the meet up on the side." — frenchkitty
  • the lovely jack harries / jacksgap
    "My goal is to get VidCon tickets next year and hope that Caspar Lee will attend too. That way I can see all them. And if it's still at Anaheim convention it will work out perfect. So I really hope I get to go and get tickets and get to see them and even better meet them!!!!!" — frenchkitty
  • Imagini (500) Days of Summer (2009) - Imagine 24 din 34 - CineMagia.ro
    "This is a completely different topic, but I would like to go to the bench where Tom & Summer from (500) Days of Summer sat in the movie! I looked it up and stuff and it's right in downtown LA. I would like to go someday! Here is a link with all the info. The pic above is the bench I am talking about. http://www.yelp.com/biz/angels-knoll-los-angeles#query:500%20Days%20Of%20Summer%20Bench" — frenchkitty
  • ComeBackToMe
    "So today we had a few guests for iftar. Zainab apa's husband Syed bhai and their 2 adopted sons. Mehboob and Sabir. I have never seen Sabir, or if I have, I don't remember. Sabir is on a big wheelchair and can't talk or respond to you. He can only hear and can barely see. He fell in a pool when he was 3 and stayed under for 10 minutes. He lost everything. He was close to dying but he stayed alive but is unable to do lots. I heard about for a long time. His story and how he is. But to see him, that is so" — frenchkitty
  • This is an Absolutely Insane Resolution.
    "different. Like to look at him for real is such a odd feeling. It's hard to explain. He always has his mouth open and he coughs and uses the same balgaam machine as Mama did. His brother Mehboob takes care of him a lot. He is the son that got lost from his family and took the wrong train and ended up at an orphanage where Zainab apa adopted him in India. Quite some stories. They were only here for like an hour, they came right before iftar and prayed namaaz then left to go to their taraweeh in their" — frenchkitty
  • Moroccan lamps: multi color glass lamps, ethnic moroccan lamps, moorish lamps, mosque lamps decor, outdoor lamps, moroccan rustic lamps
    "area. They came to visit and Syed bhai was going to Pakistan soon and Mehboob was going to his long-lost family back in India. He found his parents last November I believe. i remember Zainab Apa coming all happy with sweets to celebrate. She had a very, "eventful" life, you can say." — frenchkitty
  • forever young
    "MON 23rd: HAPPY 2ND BIRTHDAY ONE DIRECTION! Made a set for this very special day. 2 years ago they all auditioned for the x-factor! Soon they were put together as a band by Simon Cowell. The rest if history. They have gone so far and I am so happy! So really happy I discovered them and I am glad to have them in my life!!!!!!! Proud to be a Directioner!!!!!!!!!!!" — frenchkitty
  • Chicago Muslims Launch Green Ramadan | Green Prophet
    "TUES 24th: Nothing much going on. Just that Nylah has been going home early. Khaki goes to work right after sehri and comes here to get Nylah at 3 and then goes home. Oh and I text Khaki at sehri to get back because she is not good with waking up and I don't mind helping. Let's see...... what have I been up to? Mainly watching Youtube videos of all the new people I found. And I cleaned out my nail polish box and concluded that I own too many nail polishes for someone who can't even wear it all the time." — frenchkitty
  • 10 Perfect Nails
    "Well, most of them are the nail polishes Nen bought when she'd go crazy and buy bunch of things. The rest I got. I pick up a few bottles here and there. I just have too many, I need to stop getting them." — frenchkitty
  • Tumblr
    "I also took an online quiz at seventeen.com on who is my 1D member match. I got Zayn!!!!! I kinda had a feeling. Yup, it said Zayn was a perfect match for me. I agree even though Louis is my fave, I see how me and Zayn go." — frenchkitty
  • Morocco Mosque
    "FRI 27th: Happy Friday! Went for namaaz today and another person converted! Pretty cool, huh? Once Khaki came at like 3, me, her, and Nylah went to run errands. We went to Micheals and Smart n Final. Time goes by so fast when you are shopping! We got home then Tariq Uncle came too and we all had a big iftaar as usual. Then after we ate again and Maghrib, we all watched the Olympics opening ceremony!!!!!!!!!! Olympics started today and it is on London! Yay! My home country LOL." — frenchkitty
  • The Daily Apple Apple #334 The Olympics
    "No Taraweeh, we just all stayed and watched the very long ceremony. Their opening was a tad boring, but I think it was more of an English thing and not something anyone else in the world would understand or enjoy. I guess everyone says the Beijing one in" — frenchkitty
  • NBC\ Universal 2012 Olympics Nbc Dual Flags Pin
    "2008 was better. Honestly, I don't even remember what they did. It was long...4.5 hours. But we skipped thru it and were done watching by midnight. All the countries came and walked. It was interesting to watch and see all the people from around the world. Greece comes from, then they go in alphabetical Aorder, then the hosting country goes. So UK was last! Greece was first because Olympics started there. There are so many countries that no one knows exists! I learned so many names on countries. It" — frenchkitty
  • Spectators - 2012 Olympics | London 2012
    "was fun to watch with everyone. Tariq Uncle made his funny comments along the way and Nylah was in a good mood. Ammi and Khaki watched too. Daddy came in half way right when Pakistan began to walk haha. The Queen was there, but she was so emotionless and" — frenchkitty
  • Giant Olympic Rings around the UK - London 2012 Olympics
    "didn't even smile or anything. And in her "speech" she only said like 1 sentence. No hello or welcome to London. Nothing. Towards the end, USA came. We had a lot of people. Over 500+ athletes. Their uniforms they wore when coming in were by Ralph Lauren." — frenchkitty
  • Olympic rings forged in London 2012 opening ceremony
    "The Prince was there, Kate Middleton, and even David Beckham. he actually gave the torch to be run into the stadium. Paul McCartney from the Beatles sang in the end too. Then that was it and Khaki and them left. Me and Ammii prayed Isha and now I am off to bed. Going shopping to Ontario Mills for our annual school shopping tomorrow with Haja and the kids!" — frenchkitty
  • Soul Cal Deluxe Jersey Shopper Bag
    "SAT 28th: Loads of shopping today! Haja came early in the morning and we took off shortly after. The boys and Inaya came too. They had to. For shoes and trying on stuff. We always go to Ontario Mills before school because of outlets and they have all the" — frenchkitty
  • L.K. Bennett Belle Cardigan, Navy
    "stores. We went to H&M, Gap, Abercrombie, and Converse. We went in others but those were the main stores. I got some cardigans and a few shorts. No jeans, I already have a lot. I also got a slip-on pair of black converse. They are really cool, I loved it!" — frenchkitty
  • Converse Chuck Taylor All Star 'Slim' Slip-On
    "They are my first non-lace pair on Converse. And I thought I'd try something new because I've always worn Converse for as long as I remember. Zain got a pair and he got a lot of tees. Yusef and Inaya too. Haja and Mommy and the kids had no rozas, I was" — frenchkitty
  • CONVERSE WOMEN'S Chuck Taylor Slip-On Black
    "the only one. We made plans for today because I was supposed to get my period yesterday but it still hasn't come. We were done and came home at 4-ish. Then right after Khaki and them came. Nylah was not herself today because I guess she came down with a" — frenchkitty
  • STAMP MAKERS.com: Catalog: Flowers.
    "fever. She was kinda quiet and didn't big much. That is not herself haha! We all had iftaar together and then we went for Taraweeh. Then everyone left as usual. Oh and today Accu brought Inaya's old big playhouse that Mama bought her for her 1st birthday. It's really cute and fun to play with! I wish I had one when I was little haha. So now it's Nylah's! She likes it and loves playing with it. Glad she gets to have it now! :)" — frenchkitty
  • caspar lee | Tumblr
    "SUN 29th: Sundays are now what I like to call "YouTube Day!' All my fave youtubers upload new videos on Sundays so today I spent the day watching those! I'm addicted to them and love them all. Caspar, Marcus, Sam, Alfie, and Jack." — frenchkitty
  • H2W New Og Vintage Buddy Nerd Wayfarer Blues Brothers Clear Sunglasses - Black
    "MON 30th: I had an eye appointment at 11 this morning. Me and Mommy went. It was quick. I got my eyes checked. Doctor said my eyes are getting weaker, which I knew. I also have 2 eye conditions but they are no big deal. They are called astigmatism and myopia. Got my prescription and around 3 Daddy came to take me to get glasses at the fancy store in fashion Island where he gets discounts. It's a fancy brand name type store that has glasses. He got some for himself and gets them for everybody so now" — frenchkitty
  • Classic Aviator in Cruise
    "it's my turn! We went, the lady who was helping was really nice and helpful. I looked at a lot of pairs. Both regular and sun glasses. I've been wanting sunglasses for a while now so finally I get to wear them! I tried on lots, debated between them, and both of the ones I chose were the brand Oliver Peoples. Never heard of that brand before. Seems like they are big in eye wear. I ended up with a black pair of sunglasses. I liked this other red-ish one but I didn't go with it because who has red shades?" — frenchkitty
  • Oliver Peoples Wacks Black/Dtb Optical Eyewear
    "I have never seen anyone. And then a regular pair and they are navy blue. I never thought I'd pick a color, but it looks good and the lady liked it and said it's cute on me. Hope she's right. But they don't really look blue from far. Only close up do they actually look blue. So anyways, the total was 1500 dollars! Holy shit, I know! But with Daddy's 50% off, it was around 700$. That is still a lot. I guess from that store it's normal. Not for me though. Daddy seemed okay. After all, he was wearing Cartier." — frenchkitty
  • Oliver Peoples 55mm Sunglasses
    "He has 2 pairs of shades from that store! We placed the order, payed, then left. I hope they are done before Eid because I want to wear them! And I can wear my sunglasses in Palm Springs when we go in September. Did I tell you we are going again labor day" — frenchkitty
  • Home for…35? Behemoth Jersey Shore Beach House Remodel
    "weekend? To a different house. Daddy likes it there I suppose so we are all going again! I think it was unnecessary but whatever goes into daddy's head stays until it's done. This time Muzzamil is even coming. He flies in that Friday morning. And also" — frenchkitty
  • Outdoor Living Beach House on Australia Coast MODERN HOUSE DESIGNS
    "Huzaifa will go too because he'll be back with us by then again. Wonderful. It's just for a few days. Looking forward to swimming again and having water fights. Daddy says the pool is big and cool so it should be fun!!!!!!!" — frenchkitty
  • American InterContinental University - AIU | Associate, Bachelor's, Master's & Online Degree Programs
    "TUES 31st: Found this University online and looked into it and I really like it! There is a campus in London and I'd just love to go there! Here is one more option! http://www.aiuniv.edu/" — frenchkitty
  • big time rush, woo hoo, windows down, party, concert
    "OMG there are so many artists coming near me this year! Like, really. All these artists are having shows and I am not going. I am so mad I literally feel so sad right now, I missed Cody Simpson few weeks ago. Hot Chelle Rae was also at the fair and" — frenchkitty
  • The Official Hot Chelle Rae Site
    "I missed them. The young singer Birdy who has a lovely voice is in LA next week. Grouplove had a show last month. This new Malaysian singer I discovered, Zee Avi, is performing in Santa Ana next month. Toro y Moi, who I would die to see live some day, is" — frenchkitty
  • Grouplove
    "performing at the beach at US Open (some major surf event) on Friday. I am so mad I can't go, he has no concerts planned and he will be performing for FUCKING FREE right near me and I'll miss it. Because of Ramadan and also, who will take me? I hate" — frenchkitty
  • Oh Zee Avi : Untitled Records
    "asking Mommy. She has to take me, and who would I go with too? My friends don't know these artists or anything. It's really annoying because I would love to go to more concerts and see live shows. I am so sad right now." — frenchkitty
  • Death Valley Superstar | Fantasticsmag
    "If Nen was here, I would've made her go with me to them. And if she was here, I would've forced her to go to the One Direction concert with me. Just me and her, no one else. Mommy could've dropped us off and me and her could've gone!" — frenchkitty

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