Everyday, with every experience, with every moment, I witness the amusing irony in life. I say it's amusing because certain events, just can't be considered coincidences; there is nothing else to do but laugh at the irony of things. We, humans, make life so much more complicated than it really is (I am guilty of committing this felony as well.) I am deadly afraid of letting my life pass me by; deadly afraid of regretting things I never will get a chance to do. However, I have to remind myself that I am in control of my life. I can say that my parents limit and influence my decisions, but in the end it's all up to me. It's easy to tell your parents, "You're ruining my life," when they don't let you do certain things, but in reality saying that is just an excuse. Saying that I hate excuses would be hypocritical, thus I will say, "I wish I could erase excuses out of my life and just do things my heart desires." Even though there are ironic incidents and we want to believe that fate is behind everything, we have to take control- I have to take control. Taking control would include taking more smart risks; taking control would include living each day to the fullest; taking control would include the feeling of satisfaction and that the life you live is up to you.
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