i don't even know the last time i made a set non-roleplay related. 

so, today i have to go to some lame ass graduation party for my mom's like cousin. it's going to be so boring, like so extremely boring. only reason i'm going is to be nice to my aunt to get an invite to her beach house. technically, it belongs to the family, but she likes to pretend its her's. you know. anyway, it's still going to suck. and what am i even going to wear? ugh, this is one big mess. 

i cannot believe i've been out of school for almost two weeks. it's kind of incredible. and today there was a snake in my backyard. a fucking snake. that's just great. oh, and yesterday i blew my last 20 on my nails. nice job, corinna. so i need to get my ass a job. lovely.

and my grandma and my aunt are leaving for las vegas in a few days. why aren't they taking me? i've already been there twice, once when i was in 4th grade and my brother turned 21 and thenn again after i graduated 8th grade, and i loved it. even though there's not a lot to do when your sixteen. yeah.. 

oh and i want those shoes sophia bush is wearing, they're kind of amazing.

so this is the end of my rant. if you read it, awesome.
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