I stumble across your sets on my home page quite by accident......I suppose I could ignore them but once in a while, the cat part of me curiously leads me to discover the lengths to which you go just to mock me and my ideas, which you freely use as your own. Only I would know that these jabs are aimed at me because you have made sure that I know that....and you know exactly how you accomplish your goal.

Is this what they teach you in your Church, for which you claim to be so a part of? To continuously harass and make fun of someone you mimick in art and yet hate at the same time? 

You must laugh at the "cleverness" of your sets and their so-called titles and subtext with your sister and probably those you have fooled once again into thinking you are this wonderful person....but your actions towards me speak volumes, my dear.

If you continue to escalate this to where it once was......I hope that it brings you comfort to hurt another person (me) and take pleasure in using many of "my" items and ideas in your sets to make sure I get the message that it is I you are trying to torture.

For many months while you were gone from PV, there was peace in my heart...I came here and created freely, had fun with my friends and felt comfortable being here...but you are back....to get revenge, perhaps...or just to bully me because it makes you feel superior?

Keep doing what you are doing....God should be very proud of your hurtful & deceptive ways.

Bless your tortured soul....you MUST be very unhappy & insecure so I will try, once again, to rise above your childish games....I want no part of it. I will try not to waste any more time on what you are doing to upset me.....but I am human, so who knows?

To put this into perspective, one of my PV friends may have already lost her beloved father to cancer. And you think that anything you do or say to hurt a fellow human being matters? All that matters in this world is to love and be loved.....everything else is "small stuff" and therefore inconsequential.

If I am left with only a handful of PV friends after this, I do not care. At least I will know who my TRUE friends are. Quality, not quantity.
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