I just can't explain how much I love these guys, I might seem ridiculous but if I ever get to see them agan, I'd claim myself as the luckiest and happiest person on the world... they are such amazing guys, talented at the extremes and I'd dare to say better than a lot of idols out there... each one has such great qualities.... Soohyun is the best leader ever, a great human being and his voice? AMAZING he's handsome like REALLY handsome and on top that he loves his fans and he's thankful of the love he receives from them.... Kiseop... my god, Kiseop is really good looking, he's sexy but yet he can be so cute, I really admire him for all he has gone through and all the strength he surely had to gather to reach his goals. Hoon's voice is great, his will power amazes me and the effort he has put to be where he is now. Dongho, he might seem quite spoiled, but it's just the fact his life has been different from other people's.... he grew up having everything, so probably he really doesn't care about that, I kinda feel that he'd love to be a normal guy for one day and he's a sensible person, just trying to hide it, he's talented, no doubt about that, I love his lines in 0330 and Neverland... my god, I almost fainted when I saw him singing... haha. AJ, he's the perfect guy for me, it's not his looks, it's himself as a person, he's quite, but smart, still he can be funny and he's DEFINITELY more talented than a bunch of other idols... my god, I'd continue saying just good things about him, so I better just say that. Kevin no matter what people think-say about him, he's the sweetest guy ever, he's so nice and down to Earth, his voice just as sweet as himself and my dream is meeting him and just tell him that whenever I see his smile I feel that actually one day I'd be able to be happy. And finally... Eli, I totally ADMIRE him, he really has been trough a lot of obstacles and I kinda feel that he's not satisfied yet, he wants to become an actor, but still he tries hard. His life is not as easy as it seems, I totally feel him, being without your family is not easy and even worst in a foreign country whose language you don't master... he was even scammed when he was in China, but he never gave up! I really, really admire U-KISS... I'd love to see them in a concert like just U-KISS... I'd be the happiest girl on the world... specially if I get to see this
and this
or this
ok, I'm fangirling so much that now I feel ashamed... sorry girls, I'll better go to sleep haha
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