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Leighton Bates

It's time to get started on any new upcoming projects in your division - whatever that may be. Apple Campus is in full work mode.

There was a knock on the door of my office, causing my head to snap up from the laptop that rested in front of me. In front of me stood a tall, brunette man with thick-rimmed glasses. He wore a smile as he ran a hand through his hair casually.

"Hello, how can I help you?" I questioned, standing up so I could slip off my jacket. I sat back down and rested my elbows on the desk, looking at the strange man.

"Stella wanted me to pass on the message that you need to have a break. I was passing nearby and she kind-of shouted at me to check on you" he explained with a small smile.

I nodded because that was a very Stella thing to do. She was always looking out for me and I appreciated it. It did make me feel important. "Thank-you. I really appreciate it...?" I trailed off, searching for a name but my mind gave me nothing. It was just blank; thanks a lot, brain.

"Ryan, I'm Ryan" he smiled, leaning against the door frame. "I'm a corporate paralegal" Ryan added.

"Sounds very smart, if you ask me" I laughed gently, running a hand through my wavy blonde hair. I let out an exhausted sigh and stood from my desk, walking around and approaching Ryan.

"And what is it you do?" Ryan asked curiously, crossing his arms over his chest as we exited my office, closing the door behind me.

"I'm a visual designer" I told him, smiling as I glanced at him. He was attractive and if you ask me, I haven't seen many of those around the office lately. Unfortunately. 

"That sounds interesting, do you enjoy it?" he asked. Well, this conversation was going great and I hadn't choked up yet. High-five, Leigh, high-five.

"It's fun, I really enjoy it. If you want, you should stop by and see what I do" I said. Did that sound stupid or dorky? Or who even cares anymore? Not me.

"I certainly will" he nodded, smiling. "I better get back to work but make sure you have a break, maybe, get a bite to eat or something" Ryan suggested.

"Thanks, I will" I nodded, returning the sweet smile. "I'll see you around" I add before turning in the opposite direction, toward the cafeteria.

Now, that I came to think about it, I was quite hungry. I guess working a solid 5 hours already this morning had taken a toll on my stomach. 

The more I thought about it, the more my stomach grumbled. 

I needed some food and quickly. I really needed to thank Stella for sending Ryan to force me to have a break. Otherwise, I might have starved or my stomach would have had a mind of its own.

I bought a fresh fruit salad and sat alone at one of the two seater tables. I noticed a couple of other employees had the same idea, or they just needed a break. That was a logical explanation too.

"I didn't actually expect to see you here" Stella commented as she sat opposite me with a wide smile. 

"I'm hungry so I decided not to anger my stomach some more" I laughed, beginning to poke at fruit salad with my fork. 

"So, Ryan passed on the message?" Stella questioned, smiling.

"Yeah, he did. Thanks, Stel" I smiled at her before digging into my fruit salad. 

Dare I say, it was amazing.
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