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I knocked on the door of Gavin's place, standing in the same position once again. This time, I had made sure that he'd be here though. Honestly, I felt pretty bad for what had happened between Aria and I, but I had apologized and beyond that there was nothing I could do. It had seemed pretty clear to me that she didn't like me just as much as I didn't like her, so I guess I would just try and do my best to ignore her. "Hey... what are you doing here?" Gav asked after he opened the door, a soft smile on his gorgeous face.
"I'm surprising you," I told him, the smile on my face matching his. I stepped closer to him, tilting my head up to press a soft kiss against his lips. "I missed you."
He smirked, his arms wrapping around my waist after he closed the door behind me. "You saw me two days ago gorgeous."
"Exactly, it's been too long."
He reached his hand out to push my hair back from my face before kissing me once again. I kissed him back harder, opening my mouth against his and slipping my tongue into his mouth. He pressed me up against the door, his lips leaving my mouth to kiss along my neck, nipping at my skin and making me moan. "You're so f.cking hot."
I smirked, bringing his lips back to mine to kiss him again. "I brought my swimsuit."
"Did you? Where?" He asked me and I just grinned, grabbing his hand and sliding it slowly up my skirt until he was cupping my breast, feeling the material of my bikini. "Ugh...." He groaned, squeezing his hand and pressing his lips against my neck. "Should we go swimming?" He asked against my lips.
"Mhmmm..." I trailed off, thinking more about how good his touch felt than swimming.
"Right now?" He grinned. "I don't have my swimsuit...."
"Maybe you should go get it," I murmured against his lips, swimming no longer even really on my mind as his lips moved back to my neck, biting down gently.
"Ahhem," A voice interrupted us. Gav turned around and I pushed his hands away from me, glaring at Aria, who couldn't have looked more annoyed, honestly.
“Hey." Gavin grinned at her, but she didn't smile back at all.
"I'm just leaving," She spoke, her voice cold. I had tried to apologize and find a way to at least be pleasant with her, but that definitely wasn't what she wanted.
"Ari..." Gavin trailed off, but she just glared before leaving. Well... that was awkward.
"I'm sorry....about Aria. I tried...." 
"You should try harder," He said seriously. I knew that it was important to him and I really would try... but right now I had other things on my mind.
"I willl…..but now? I want to get you all wet.” I bit my lip, thinking about how sexy his body must be. The fact that I hadn't even seen him shirtless yet? Kind of ridiculous.
He took my hand and led me towards my room. "And here I was thinking that was my job," He teased and I couldn't help but blush a little.
I sat down against his bed, looking around the room which was just as perfect as the rest of his house. "I like your room," I told him, looking back towards him and my eyes widening at the sight of him shirtless. Oh my f.cking god... he is so hot. So hot. But his hands started working on his jeans and I spoke up. "You're not going to change here, are you?"
He smirked. "Really Cara? You've seen a guy naked before."
I shook my head, standing up and making my way towards him, that not being the problem. It was the fact that I was pretty sure I would jump him if I saw him naked. "If I see you naked, we're not leaving this room at all," I told him seriously. 
"I like the sound of that."
I bit back a smirk, my mind getting filled with dirty thoughts. "I'll just wait outside," I decided, stepping out of the room and closing it behind him. I waited only about a minute before the door opened, my eyes instantly landing on his body. I swear, his body could not have been more amazing. How did someone look that good?! "Oh my god..."
Gavin smirked at me. "Are you ready?" I just nodded and he took my hand again, grabbing two towels for us and leading me outside where the air was a perfect 80 degrees and sunny. And the outside of his place was just as gorgeous as the inside. Honestly though, it really didn't matter where I was, I was just happy to be with Gav. "You know you can't swim in your clothes baby..."
I looked at him and laughed. "I'm aware," I said, pulling my top off and then my shoes and shorts, glancing towards him and smiling shortly before running to the edge and diving in right away, letting the cool water hit me. I swam up to the top, treading in the water as I looked towards Gavin, smirking. "Hurry up slow poke." 
He jumped in after me and as soon as he came up, grabbed my waist and pulling me hard against him, kissing me immediately. "You look so fuc.king gorgeous right now......" He groaned against my lips.
"" I moaned against his lips, my hands running down his stomach and feeling his perfect body before pulling away and admiring it.
He smirked. "You're eye-fu.cking me a little bit," He said, a smirk on his face. 
I bit my lip and made my way back up to his eyes. "You're so hot....." I trailed off, pressing my hands back against his abs as he cupped my face and kissed me once again.
"Me?" He grinned, walking us backwards until I was pressed up against the pool wall. My mind was filled with a million thoughts, most of them where I wasn't wearing anything.
I nodded. "Kiss me...." I ordered, pulling him back to my waiting lips, grabbing his hand and sliding it up to my chest once again, eager for more. He groaned, kissing me harder as I wrapped my legs around his waist, focusing on how amazing his hand felt as it slipped under my bikini and cupped my bare breast. "Oh my god...."
He groaned. "You make me totally crazy...." 
"You're making me crazy right now," I moaned as he pinched my hard nipple. "And wet..."
He groaned. "You're going to kill me."
I smirked, pulling his lips back to mine and kissing him once again, even harder this time. I put everything into it, slipping my tongue inside his mouth and pressing my body hard against his, feeling his hard press against me. I wanted him really badly right now... especially as his hand continued to tease my breast and his lips stayed pressed against mine. "Baby..."
He broke the kiss, keeping our lips pressed together. "Don't make me stop Cara."
I kissed him lightly, smiling against his lips as I moved my hands from where they were against my chest towards the back of my swimsuit top, untying the strings and letting it fall off before I tossed it over the side of the pool. "That wasn't exactly what I was thinking," I murmured, pressing my chest against his.
Gav groaned once again and I swore he got even harder than he was before. "You're so f.cking sexy."
I smirked, letting him lead his lips down my neck and pulled my chest back a little, allowing him to capture my breast in his mouth. I threw my head back, moaning even louder as he seemed to be taking his time caring for nearly every part of my body that was exposed. His lips ran all along my collarbone and chest, nipping and sucking on my skin and completely killing me. Why the had I ever waited so long once again?! Though technically this still wasn't any type of sex... but did I really want to stop here? Not in the least bit. " me," I said, it just kind of coming out... though honestly? It was all I really wanted right now.
"Cara your body is unbelievable...." He groaned, ignoring my words... though it felt so good as he nipped at my neck and slowly kneaded my breasts with his hands that I barely cared. Though he was so hard that it was definitely hard to ignore.
He pulled back, running his hands through his hair and taking a deep breath. "I'm sorry." He shook his head. "I'll be good I promise...." 
I raised my brow, wanting anything but for him to be good. My hand reached for his, pulling his body back to mine. “Don’t be good….didn’t you hear me baby?” I asked, kissing across his chest. “I want you to me….” I murmured against his skin before making my way back to his lips, not wanting to wait another second for him to be inside of me.
“I thought I imagined that…..” He said honestly, making me smile against his lips as he kissed me back, his hands moving down my waist before cupping my
"Do you think you're imagining this?" I asked, biting down on my lip and grabbing his hand, running it down my stomach and between my thighs, guiding him before he understood what I wanted. 
A groan escaped his lips as he pushed me back against the edge of the pool, finally slipping his hand into my bikini and slipping a finger inside of me, making me gasp. UGH... finally. "I really hope I'm not...." He growled, sliding another finger inside of me slowly and making me throw my head back.
“Gavin…..” I moaned breathily. “Oh my god don’t stop….” 
“I can’t…” He said, doing exactly what I told him not to do and stopping. What was he doing?!? ”You’re not thinking straight…you won’t even go on a date with me, you don’t want to in my pool..” He finished, pulling his hand away and seriously killing me. 
I smiled. "That's cute, but I'm sure. I don't want to wait anymore..." I trailed off, bringing my lips back to him and kissing him softly. I just wanted his fingers inside of me again. Ugh, it had felt so good. 
He shook his head adamantly. "No, you'd regret it." 
I wrapped my arms loosely around his neck, a smile still on my lips. I couldn't help but smile at how adorable he was being. I mean, awhile ago I was sure that the only thing he wanted from me was sex but now he was actually stopping me from that very thing. "I think I'm ready though." 
His arms dropped down to my hips and he lifted me up, sitting me up on the edge of the pool, his hands resting on my legs. "I want to take you out first. I want to do this right." 
I shrugged. "Or you could just take me into your bedroom..." I smirked, "But it's up to you." 
Gavin's eyes lit up before dropping, like he realized that he just couldn't do that, no matter how badly he wanted to. Which, honestly, was kind of frustrating considering how wet I still was. "Let's just get out right now and I'll make you dinner instead. How does that sound?" 
I grinned once again, pretty sure he couldn't get any more perfect. "I think that sounds amazing." 
"Good," He murmured simply as he pulled himself out of the pool, both of us drying off as we took our towels. 
I dropped my towel in favor of pressing my body back against his and looking up at him, smirking.. "You better take me out soon though." 
He smirked back, looking so sexy and making me wish once again that he would just take me right here. "Why's that gorgeous?" 
I brought my lips up to his and kissed him. Touching him and kissing him was all I could even think about doing right now. It may have been my choice to wait, and I didn't regret my choice... but that didn't mean that I wasn't really h.orny right now. "Because I feel like I can't wait another moment before I you..." 
Gavin groaned once again, still hard against me which was slowly killing me. "You're so not making this easy for me." 
I kissed him softly my hands running along the back of his neck and playing with his hair. "I am certainly not."
"Cara...." He groaned as my hand ran down his chest, stopping at the waistband of his swimsuit, running my fingers along it lightly.
"F.uck Gavin you are so gorgeous......" I said seriously, running my tongue over my lips before pressing them softly against against his neck and then running them down his chest.
My hands traced his stomach before finding their way to his erection, touching him through his shorts as he smirked. "And here I was thinking you were barely even attracted to me."
I bit my lip, tilting my head to the side. "I just have much better resistance than your other women," I said, grinning and finally actually slipping my hands into his shorts, gripping his in my hands.
He groaned. “Ugh…..what other women?”
“Such a good answer baby….ugh… can you be so hot AND so big….” I whispered, honestly feeling like I was going to die as I slowly stroked the length of him... which happened to be really, really huge.
I tilted my head up to kiss him long and hard. "You're playing with fire Cara," He said against my lips.
I pouted, pulling back and tilting my head to the side. "Well I guess I don't want to get burnt."
I grinned up at him as he grabbed my waist, pulling me closer. "Tease," He whispered before kissing my lips. 
“Not anymore. Now you’re the tease," I said, running my tongue over my lips before catching the tip of it between my teeth.
"What do you want for dinner?" He asked, changing the topic. 
"Besides you?" I asked softly, a mischievous grin planning on my lips. I honestly couldn't help myself...
He groaned yet again, this time completely pulling away from me and making me pout a little. "You're seriously going to be the death of me."
I grinned, kind of enjoying the reverse of roles that we'd had. "You can't die... I'm starving," I said, wishing I could be touching him once again, but instead just following him back inside the house and towards the kitchen. I put my bathing suit top back on as we walked inside, more for the concern that Aria would come back home than anything else.
He looked back towards me and shook his head. "I was hoping you'd leave that off."
I blushed as a smirk fell on my lips, more familiar with this Gavin than the one who had just stopped me as I was literally stroking his "Because that would go over really well with Aria."
He sighed. "It's so frustrating that you two just can't get along."
"I know that I made mistakes and I said things that I shouldn't have and gave off the wrong impression, but I did try to apologize baby. We can't make a friendship happen though, not when we don't connect," I told him, knowing for a fact that we would just never like each other. At the best, we'd be able to be civil.
He groaned, this time for not as good of a reason as he leaned against the kitchen counter. "I'll talk to her," He told me, not really seeming to even take in what I had said about us just not going to work. I would try for him as much as he wanted me to though.
"Okay," I murmured as I walked towards him, slipping my arms around his waist once again and giving him a smile. "I'll try for you if it's what you really want. But right now, my stomach is seriously growling," I said, smiling and trying to lighten the mood. I didn't want to think about Aria.
"Then let's eat."
I smiled up at him, pressing a soft kiss against his lips. "Perfect."
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