Alaska de Sauveterre

wednesday 21st of november, 2012; Thanksgiving holiday begans. You can choose to go home with your families or stay on campus.

"Are you positive your family don't mind me having Thanksgiving with you?" I questioned Scott with a worried expression. I still didn't know whether they liked me, after all they could be excellent actors. "I'm not having you stay on campus, alone in a house" Scott replied, beginning to approach where I sat at my desk.

"I'm sure nobody would break in and I wouldn't trash the house" I told Scott, looking up at him. Scott shook his head and continued to frown, "you're coming whether you like it or not."

I looked down at my hands and nodded slowly. It took a moment for a smile to form on my lips as it sunk in. I would be spending time with a family that may love me but again, I was still quiet unsure on that. 

Scott's chuckle bought me back to reality, "that's what she said" he managed to choke out. I stared at him blankly for a moment before he continued, "you're coming whether you like it or not."

I shook my head at his amusement, "you're such a boy" I replied. I stood from my desk chair and stretched a little. "I see your belly button" Scott commented, I quickly pushed my blouse down.

He had the attention span of a young child.

"It's a cute belly button though" Scott added, wrapping his arms around me and pecking my lips gently. "Stop talking about my belly button" I pouted, peering up at him.

"You want me to continue with my funny jokes and statements then?" Scott asked, tilting his head a little. "No, I don't want you to get any ideas" I laughed, poking him in the chest.

"I have many, many ideas" Scott whispered, kissing me again on the lips. I kissed him back gently before pulling away slowly, "I hope you realise we're not doing it under the same roof as your parents."

"I don't expect you to want to" Scott replied with a chuckle. "I don't want to in the house either, you barely get privacy when you're on the toilet" I added.

"Should we book a hotel room then?" Scott asked, smiling gently. I nodded, "after thanksgiving though."

"I understand that" he nodded, pausing, "you should pack if you're going to have Thanksgiving with the family."

"When will we leave then?" I bit my bottom lip, wondering what I'd pack. I didn't know whether to dress up for his parents or wear casual clothing. I'd have to pack something loose though, a t-shirt or jacket, perhaps.

"We'll leave after lunch, if that's okay" Scott answered, "so we can settle before night fall."

"I think I'm getting a bit excited" I confessed, smiling up at him. "You should be, you're going to have an exciting time" he kissed me again on the lips before sitting on my bed. 

"Did you want any help packing?" he asked, his lips brushing against mine as he spoke. "I think I might be alright but the company would be good."

I took out my travel bag that I kept underneath my bed. I placed it on the end of my bed as I soon approached my wardrobe, scanning my variety of clothes. It took me a couple minutes to pick out the clothing I would take with me and I then approached my set of drawers.

"Those are sexy" Scott commented.

"They're just underwear" I raised an eyebrow, holding a pair of lace underwear as I looked over at him. "They're sexy" Scott repeated, he glanced at me then the underwear.

"Scott, don't be stupid" I told him, soon placing them into my travel bag. "Are you wearing a pair of those right now?" he asked, pulling me closer to him softly.

"Mm, maybe" I replied, biting my bottom lip. "Is there anyone home now?" he asked.

"Scott, not now."


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